Friday, January 17, 2014

How is it Friday?

The week seriously flies by when you are swamped, sick, etc.
I feel like yesterday was just Monday.

Anyways, it is Friday and I will take it!

Linking up for High Five for Friday with Lauren, and

1. Despite coming down with a cold, eating my weight in popcorn, and not working out much...I managed to maintain my weight all week. Read about my first week here.

2. I made the Skinny Shrimp Stir-fry for the 3rd time in a week and a half! It is seriously so good I could have it every night! Find the recipe in my post here.

Yes, that is a paper plate. I don't like to do dishes. 

3. Made another amazingly good skinny recipe for dinner this week. It will definitely be added to our regular line up it was that good! Recipe coming to you all on Tuesday :)

4. Really working hard to enjoy the "little moments" this year.
I had a great time just playing cars, hiding in a tent, and having a dance party with X.

5. And my final high five for the week is for playoff football!

I love it! It is so nice to watch a game where the teams are actually trying to win. Yes, my Browns didn't make the playoffs. But I don't honestly care. 
I just love watching the NFL games in general.
Who I am cheering for is another story...
The first is easy...49er's over the Seahawks.
I don't like the coach in Seattle or their uniforms.
And Kap does have a pretty nice bod ;)
The next game is much harder for me to choose...
Patriots or Broncos?
Umm, Hello Tom Brady!
But, then you have Peyton Manning who is just hilarious and a rock star QB as well.
Kind of drives me nuts that the Pats always win though,
and I still hold a grudge against the Broncos from the Elway days.
This game might be a nail biter for me. Seriously.

What are your top 5 things for the week?

One more link up for the day for you folks.
Keeping the month going with Lisa and Kristen for

Showered With Design

The topic for today is...

What inspires your blog posts?

Since this is more of a lifestyle/whatever I feel like writing blog, everything is my inspiration. A lot of my inspiration comes from what I enjoy doing in life.
Working out, eating healthy, road trips, watching football, playing with X, etc. Other times it comes from reading other blogs, link ups, etc. Because I don't write a style, foodie, or specialty blog of some sort my possibilities are endless.

Here are some of my favorite or most read posts throughout the last year..

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Where does your inspiration come from when writing your blog posts?
Are there topics you think I should focus more on?
I would love to hear from you :)

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  1. mm that shrimp stir fry looks soo good! I need to try that out!

    1. It is delish! I actually made it again last night since I had all the ingredients and I was the only one home for dinner! loL!

  2. Haha sounds like we are rooting for diff teams. I'd love to see the Seahawkas go all the way, I can't stand the 49ers!! But I'd be okay with Peyton and his guys winning it all too :)

    1. I am sure when it comes down to it I will be rooting for Peyton Manning and the Broncos on Sunday. The main reason I pick the 49er's is because my guy Phil Dawson is out there and I would love to see him finish his career with a ring :)