Monday, January 20, 2014

Ahh, the weekend

This weekend was quite relaxing even though we were on go for most of it :)

Mic had to work Friday night :(  so X and I met my dad out for dinner at Pizza Hut.
 We had such a great time!

The special for the night?
Kids make their own personal pizza for free!
X loved it!

Eating his creation :)

I also received one of my Christmas gifts that was on order!
Love Joe Haden!!! Go Browns!!!

Mic had to work again on Saturday morning :( 
so X and I ventured out in the cold to run a few errands.
He was so good for me!!! This usually is not the case!
We went to Target and Kroger's and he was a dream!

Playing hide and seek with his hat :) Silly boy!

Maybe he was so good because his lunch mainly consisted of lots and lots of fruit snacks! 
Total parent fail! :(

Saturday night we went out to dinner for Mexican (yum!) with some friends that are newly engaged :) As we were sitting there finishing up our meals the power went out! It was crazy! The entire exit off 71 was dark! Even Walmart was without power! 
We decided to leave after about 10 minutes with no change. 
Unfortunately, we live so close to the exit that our power was out at home too! 
So we headed over to my in-laws house to where it was warm and had power :)

X has some serious hat hair going on at the restaurant!

Sunday morning was grocery shopping and then meal prepping for the week! I made a big batch of Skinny Chicken Noodle soup to bring to work this week :)

The rest of Sunday was filled with football!
Peyton Manning is a beast!
I wish I could say the same for Kaepernick :(
I wanted to see Phil Dawson go to the Super Bowl so bad!
Oh well, now I know for sure who I am rooting for in a couple weeks :)

So what did you do this weekend?
Did you watch either of the games yesterday?

And I will leave you with this little goodie...

Such a class act! lol!
Makes rooting for Denver in the Super Bowl a piece of cake!
And did you see Erin's face? Priceless!

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  1. Pizza Hut. That's officially on my list to get to soon. Oh and we are a fruit snacks family too. I just tell myself they are organic and count as some fruit right?! :)

    1. Not sure if all the Pizza Hut's do this, but this one was in Medina and they offer this deal every Tuesday and Friday I believe.
      Lol! Glad I am not alone on the fruit snacks :)

  2. Sherman's interview at the end of the game was hilarious and super classy lol

    1. Yes, it was! lol! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I didn't watch any of the games, I'm not a big football fan and also don't have regular TV :P

    You made me want pizza! ughhh. Thanks for linkin' up with us!

    1. No football or TV? I wouldn't be able to survive!!!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Sounds like a fun, busy weekend for you ma'am! I hate the power outtages, they are so inconvenient, especially when it's cold! Glad your in-laws had heat and light though! And seriously Sherman?! I was like WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! And Erin's face was hilarious and her "Ooooookay, back to you!"

    1. We still have no idea why the power went out, but covered a lot of businesses and homes :( Thankfully everything was restored the same night before it got too cold!
      I know! I could only imagine what the producers were saying to her through her ear piece! lol! Funny thing...I just saw something this morning that Sherman's more liked now after that interview...really? Not by me!!