Wednesday, January 8, 2014

#xvsdailylife2014 Week 1

I mentioned here that I was going to challenge myself to take a photo a day in far, so good :)

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen these already...#sorrynotsorry

Day 1 ~ Yummy cupcakes for New Year's Day! 

Day 2 ~ I received a sweet gift in the mail from a blogger friend :)

Day 3 ~ I get the privilege of having lunch with this cutie every day :)

Day 4 ~ I headed to Kroger with a kid free backseat :) #makesshoppingsomucheasier

Day 5 ~ I have to make an unexpected trip to Walmart and boy am I glad I did! 
Picked up these beauties for Mic and I :)
Uncle Si's plastic cup! Love it!

Day 6 ~ X  was literally jumping up and down to get on the treadmill with me! #blur

Day 7 ~ Happy Pretty Little Liars Day! 
One of my favorite shows returned on Tuesday night :)

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Linking up again today with Lisa and Kristen for

The topic today is...

Pay it Forward!
What random acts of kindness would you like to accomplish this year?

I don't have anything planned because random is just that...random.
Maybe I will pick up the tab on some one's lunch, 
or pay for the person behind me at Starbucks.
I am not sure and I am going to keep it that way :)

Do you plan out what ways you will pay it forward?

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  1. That cupcake is SO cute! :)

    I definitely want to do more and give back more this year, but I like them to be spontaneous. I feel like God puts someone on on my heart at the right time and place and that's when I feel led to do a random act of kindness :)

    1. It was super yummy too! lol!

      I want to give back more as well, but like you said when you feel it is the right time :)

  2. Hey! Thanks for the comment--LOVE finding other Ohio bloggers :) Where on the west-side were you from? I'm also a west-sider! I love that you are taking a picture a day--that's a hard challenge and I hope you keep it up!!

    1. I grew up in Sheffield Lake....super small town in Lorain County. Where are you at?

      Me too! Some days it is super easy to take a picture, and other days I get so busy I forget until bedtime!

  3. Obsessed with that show, I finally was able to watch the new episode last night--- so addicted!

    1. I have 10 minutes left of it to watch when I get home! My son would not go to bed so I missed the ending :( Thank god for DVR!

  4. I did a photo-a-day challenge 2 years ago and I looked back and didn't have 1 regret of doing it. It's so crazy to see what all changes in a year; keep it up, you'll be glad you did! yay for uncle si tea glasses by the way. lol

    1. Thanks! Our 2 year old changes so much, and so quickly that I know even just a photo a month of him is worth it!


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