Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#xvsdailylife2014 Week 4

How is it the last week of January already?
I feel like we have been snowed in since the 1st of the year!

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The topic today is...


Perfect for my weekly post!

Day 22 ~ Apparently X likes celery! Who knew!

Day 23 ~ Thanks for being a great rental vehicle Chevy Tahoe, but I am more than happy to be back to normal and have Mic's car back.

Day 24 ~ No big deal...just X eating daddy's Chipotle burrito! 

Day 25 ~ We are "those people" that venture out in this craziness to just walk around Hobby Lobby :)

Day 26 ~ Dinner at our was a rough day. 

Day 27 ~ This Shrimp Stir-fry has seriously become my favorite meal!

Day 28 ~ My view & best friend at my in-laws house :)

How was your week?

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  1. Ugh, again with the Chipotle!!! ;) I can't read it/see it without instantly feeling like I need some haha. And good for X for liking celery, I wish I did!

    1. Ha ha! No more Chipotle pictures I swear!

      I love celery, but I have never given it to Xavier before. He saw it in the fridge and wanted some. I was shocked at how well he ate it! He wants it every night now! lol!

  2. I read this post while eating chipotle! haha thought it was funny.
    and hobby lobby is amazing!


    1. Too funny! Yes, Hobby Lobby is awesome! I really hope they stay open!


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