Thursday, January 30, 2014

Family Photos

In my post here I gave you all a preview of our family/X turning 2 photos. 
We have all the photos now and I couldn't be more pleased! 
I just love the faces and color that Christy Rice is able to capture! 
We have worked with her for the last year and she is just so sweet and nice to work with. 
I feel like a gained a real friend :)

WARNING!!! Heavy photo post ahead!

If you are in the Columbus area you need to check her out!

Here are some from our first & second sessions...

 X was 1 in the above photos ~ taken at Franklin Park Conservatory

X was 18 months in the above photos ~ taken at Highbanks in the Metro Parks

And here are our photos from just this past December...

X is 2 in the above photos ~ taken in downtown Canal Winchester and the Slate Run Living Farm.

Christy really did an excellent job dealing with a on-the-go 2 year old 
and factoring in how cold it was outside.
She sent me over 100 images too!
It truly is great to work with her and have her capture special moments of our little family :)
I wish I was half as talented as her!

Again sorry for the picture overload least I didn't include all 100+ photos :)

Do you get family photos taken each year?
Do you go somewhere or do them yourself?
If you are a DIYer....what kind of camera do you use?

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  1. Love these! X is such a handsome stud!

  2. Oh my gosh-- seriously the CUTEST pictures ever! I love all his wardrobe changes, such good fashion sense! And she captured so many adorable faces, love 'em all! :)

  3. they came out amazing! what a cutie bear!