Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall Photos 2015 | Outfit Ideas

Every year I tend to wait until the end of November/early December to get our family photos done.
The main reason is I am cheap.
Well, that is part of the reason.
X's birthday is at the beginning of December so I like to get our family and his birthday photos at the same time.
Kill two birds with one stone kind of thing.
Again, because I am cheap.

However, this year I decided to jump at the chance for a Fall mini session.
The colors of the leaves melt me at this time of year :)
We are heading to Columbus late Saturday afternoon for our time slot and I still have no idea what we are going to wear.
Well, me and mic don't have anything to wear yet.
My little guy is covered :)
This whole outfit (shoes included) I ordered from Old Navy and I absolutely love it!
So now I need to figure out what Mic and I are wearing based off of that outfit up there.

Initially when my TOMS wedges I arrived I wanted to make sure they were the shoes I wore, and I would pair them with my skinny navy cords.
I may still do that, but I have no idea what top/sweater to wear, if I should add a scarf, etc.
At the moment I am leaning towards adding a cream/white sweater and my new plaid scarf.

Then there is Mic.
Based on what is currently in his closet, and what will match I have this so far...

And yes, I realize I "had" him in the exact same outfit 2 years ago :(

After looking at that photo, I realize I need to change Mic's sweater at least.

We shall see what we end up with!
Suggestions are welcome :)

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  1. Wish you would have come to Cleveland for mini's!!! :) Love X's sweater with the elbow pads!

  2. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!!! I know you will look fabulous!

  3. Great outfits! Like you said, just switch out Mic's sweater and call it quits lol. You HAVE to go with a scarf, thats your signature accessory ;)


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