Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween | A Healthy Version

We are attending a kid friendly Halloween party this weekend and I was looking for something I could bring that wouldn't be loaded with sugar.
Especially since those kiddos will be getting loads of candy from trick-or-treat.
So of course I jumped on Pinterest and found a bunch of great options!

X loves grapes!
This would be so simple, and super healthy!

Another great option would be this fruit tray set up like a pumpkin face.
source unknown

Or a veggie tray version.

I won't suck all the sugary goodness out of Halloween for you.
Here is a super cute dessert for kiddos and adults!
Who doesn't like chocolate pudding? Or peeps? Or mallow pumpkins?

This trail mix is sure to please ghosts and goblins of all ages.

X loves all things cheesy, so these treat bags would be a huge hit!

Do you attend any Halloween parties or dinners?
What healthy alternatives do you make?
And just for fun, what was your favorite candy to get at Halloween?

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Happy Thursday!


  1. Cute, cute!! I did a pumpkin shaped "bean dip" last year which was fun - normal layered bean dip stuff on the bottom, and then on the top - shredded cheese for the orange of the pumpkin, chopped olives and eyes, nose and mouth and a long green onion for the stem :)

  2. These are adorable ideas!! Pinning so I'll remember them next year too.

  3. Those Frankenstein cups are too cute!!! Love the veggie tray ideas too.

  4. Halloween foods are so festive! Im having more fun looking at what people have come up with lol. Cant go wrong with any of your choices.


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