1st School Field Trip

Thursday, October 8, 2015

I have been waiting for this day for awhile now.
The day I was able to accompany X on his first school field trip!
My parents were always able to join me on my field trips over the years and I absolutely loved it!
So once X came along, I knew it was only a matter of time before I was able to do the same.

On Tuesday morning we hoped in the car and headed to his school to meet his classmates.
Of course we had to document the day with a car selfie :)
 We got to school and X played for a short bit while we waited for the rest of the kiddos to arrive.
I was lucky enough to have one of X's little classmates ride in the car with us.
 The conversation between two 3-4 year old kids is hilarious and beyond cute!
I could have sat in that car all day and listened to them!

When we arrived at Wayne's Country Market we were separated into groups.
Not before getting a picture by the pumpkin height chart.
X is definitely the tallest kid in his class!

 X goes on and on about this little boy, so I was excited to finally meet him and see who my child calls one of his best friends :)

Once we were in our groups we were off to our first activity for the morning.
Crushing apples to make cider.

 How cute are those kiddos squeezing together on that big bench?

Next stop was the apple sorting station.
For some reason, X wanted no part of this.
He kept saying he was scared of it.
Who knows!

We then moved on to a group tractor/hay ride through the woods.
None of the kids seemed to mind, but those scarecrows were pretty darn creepy to me!

My favorite activity of the day was seeing these little ones go on the mini zip line :)

 X rocked at it!

Then it was maze time!
They would all run through shouting "dead end" and giggling like crazy.
 I loved that the maze was just a bit too high for them, but perfect for the parents to see the fun :)

X said his favorite part of the day were the slides.
We could of spent all morning at that station and he would have been completely content.

Our last station before getting some apple cider was all about milking cows.
Real milk would come out of those udders and the kids would giggle some more :)

This was as good as it got for a group picture of X's class.
One little girl was missing because the straw wasn't her thing.
 That little girl in the front row on the left is the same age as X.
She was SO tiny!
She made X look like he was a 6 year old!

All the kids picked out a pumpkin to bring home before heading back to school.
They were so proud of their selections :)

I brought those two back to school by 11:15am and just like that X's first official school field trip was over.
I had a great time watching him interact with his friends and truly enjoying himself during the activities.
If you are local, this set up is free to the public.
I am sure your little ones will have a wonderful time!

Side note: On the car ride back to school X got upset because his little friend picked a smaller pumpkin than he did.
Normally he would be happier that he had a bigger one, but not this time.
She looked right at him and told him to stop being so crabby! lol!
I about died from laughter!
They sounded like an old married couple.
Too funny!

And that my friends is it!
I can't wait to (hopefully) attend many more field trips and school parties with that little guy over the years!
Speaking of that, did anyone else have Room Mothers when they were in elementary school?
My mom was one every year and it was the best!
They would help organize the holiday parties, bring in goodies, decorate, etc.
I really hope they have them for X when he gets to school.
I will be the first to sign up!

Did/Do you help out with your kiddos field trips or school parties?

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Happy Thursday!


  1. Field trips, attended everyone when my girls were little. Now as a teacher parents have to attend in order for their child to attend. Room moms, always signed up too. It is a short window of time to be able to be in the classroom with your child so enjoy it while you can. And if it is not your thing, that's okay too. There are other ways to be involved.

  2. That mini zip line is so adorable! It looks like a really fun field trip!

  3. OH my gosh! too adorable. That place looks awesome! And free, can't beat that! I cannot wait for my kids first field trip. My mom was always room mom and went on all the field trips too, and I can't wait to do the same for my kids. :)

  4. What an awesome field trip! And how fun you got to chaperone, that is definitely something I look forward to doing when Kinsey is in elementary school!

  5. We love going on field trips with our kids! It's fun to see them in their element!

  6. Such a fun day! I'm glad you got to go with him :) I totally look forward to things like this with my future kiddos! We definitely had room mothers in elementary school- they were awesome ;)


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