Monday, October 26, 2015

Favorite Things | Fall Finds Under $50

Happy Monday!
While my mind is thinking about all things Christmas these days, I am backing up to feature a few of my favorite Fall things under $50.

Of course, linking up with those fabulous McKinney girls for

I am so not a fan of the regular Oreos, but when the holiday colors come out like these (or the red ones at Christmas) I can resist picking them up for X, Mic, and even guests.
And yes, I usually have a couple out of the package :)
But a couple is about all I can get because Mic and X devour them!
They are under $3 a package, so it is a no brainer to add these babies to my shopping cart.

Pumpkin Coffee Creamer

While I have switched favorites at Starbucks, at home I still load up on Pumpkin flavored coffee creamer.
These are both under $4 a pop, and are the perfect addition to my morning coffee in the Fall.

Salted Caramel Mocha Latte/Frap
I mentioned above, and over the last few weeks that I can't resist this super sweet & yummy drink when at Starbucks.
Latte or Frap form are both amazing!
These are my special treats while I do my grocery shopping on Sunday mornings :)
They are typically under $5 in either form for a tall version.


I recently linked up with Andrea to share my Favorite Scarves with you all.
Whether they are from Target, Nordstrom, TJ Maxx, etc. I love them all!
Most of the ones at Target you can pick up for $20 or less!

What are some of your favorite Fall finds under $50?


  1. That scarf is perfection! Hope you are having a super Monday.

  2. I am already in Christmas mode and it isn't even Halloween yet! I love the plaid and pumpkin spice everything!

  3. Yep and Yep! My faves are Oreos and plaid! HA! :) XOXO