Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites | Fall Festival

Happy Friday Friends!
I hope you have all had a fabulous Fall week :)

On Monday evening I made a small batch of ham & cheese sliders for dinner.
To say these are a huge favorite in our house would be an understatement!
I have a feeling these will be my go-to party, last minute, etc. dish!

We moved to a house that is in the country, so there won't be trick-or-treaters coming to our door.
On the bright side, I get to take my little guy out each year uninterupted :)
I did grab a bag of some of my childhood favorites to donate to the Fall Festival at X's school this week.

I swung through Panera for lunch the other day and decided on a whim to give their Pumpkin Spice Latte a try.
First, let me say that I felt like I was cheating on Starbucks. #sadbuttrue
Second, it wasn't my favorite.
In fact, it is right in line with Dunkin Donuts pumpkin coffee.
Me before I tasted the latte from Panera.

Yes, I am still talking about our outfits for family photos.
So stressful.
X's outfit is my favorite, but what I have picked out for Mic and I leave something to be desired.
As of right now the weather shows rain, so might be rescheduled.
True meaning - more time to find something to wear! lol!

Yesterday was school picture day for X and I was having the hardest time picking out something for him to wear then too!
I quickly pulled out a few options and gave him the choice.
He immediately jumped at this sweater, and added one of his favorite red tees underneath.
Bad mom moment here - I totally forgot to snap a pic of him this morning wearing this outfit before he left for school :(
So needless to say I am looking forward to seeing the pictures from school as soon as possible :)

Last night we attended the Fall Festival at X's school and he was so excited!
I can't lie, I was too!
We were even told before we got there to not talk to his friends, just stick to the adults.
X got dressed in his dinosaur costume and we hopped in the car!
As soon as we arrived at the school all the excitement was gone and X was just scared.
Most of our time there he wouldn't let go of us!
At one point I was holding him and his little legs were clenching me so tight not to let him go :(
He is normally fine around all of his friends and the rest of the kids, but I am guessing all the added adults was very intimidating.

He did manage to sit for a few minutes and eat a hot dog, but only if we were right by his side.
And right before we left he decided to walk up to one car and say trick-or-treat, but that was the extent of our his fun for the evening :(

We walked around for just about 30 minutes and then hit the road back home.
Once in the car he asked if all those people would be gone when he went back to school.
Poor guy :(
He of course was immediately fine once we were away from the crowd.
I was definitely bummed out by the evening.
I thought for sure we would have a great time, he would have so much fun with his friends, etc.
Oh well! I guess there is always next year!

Do your kiddos get shy or scared in big crowds?

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  1. It took me forever to pick out our outfits for our maternity pictures!! I love the outfit you have picked for yourself!

  2. love your family photo picks!! can't wait to see how they turn out

  3. those sliders looks so good!!! Those outfits for your pictures are cute!!! Bre had school pics this week too and I wasnt allowed to have any part in picking out the outfit lol. I love that he told you not to talk to his friends hahaha Have a fabulous weekend

  4. Great post dear! Have a wonderful weekend:)

  5. Making those sliders ASAP!
    Can you come plan our Christmas photo outfits next? ;)


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