Monday, October 5, 2015


Happy Monday morning friends!
Are you as tired as me?
I feel like I am sleeping walking/typing/etc. this morning.
Time to get back to the normal routine :/

But first, let's recap our weekend.

On Thursday evening Mic had to work so X and I entertained ourselves by watching this huge groundhog eat nuts in our driveway.
These pictures do not do him justice!
Standing up he had to be a good 2 1/2 feet tall!

 Thursday night the winds were crazy!!
We woke up to this...
 A huge branch fell from a tree and smashed Mic's windshield :(
We were seriously one day shy of actually being able to park his car in the garage. UGH!
Thankfully, no one was hurt and we were able to get it scheduled to be fixed today.

Friday was freezing!
Technically, Thursday night was freezing but our first fire to heat the house didn't come until Friday night.
I have a feeling this wood stove is going to get a lot of use this winter if I am already freezing at the beginning of October!

We have been planning our trip on Saturday for years.
Well, we try to plan every year but it never works out.
This was the first year we were able to attend Oktoberfest in Minster, Ohio with friends.

We dropped X off at the in-laws and then headed west.
We had a quick tour of the town and then showed up at our friend's parents house to lots of food and such.

Once we ate some lunch, and layered on the clothes (it was raining and so cold) we headed to a neighbor's house for a shot before hitting up the festivities for the evening.
Loved these mini beer mugs, but not that shot!
It was Jagermeister and Goldschlager :(

"The Basement" as the locals called it.

We arrived at the festival and made a beeline for the hats!
Being from Minster, our friend Brian has had his hat for quite a few years.
The rest of us were excited to join the fun.
Mic even picked up an additional feather and a few pins.

We love getting to hang out with this couple!
Our boys are the same age and they even enjoyed their very first play date together 3 years ago :)

Because this is a beer drinking festival for the most part, you can get a cup of beer or a jug of beer.
We all opted to get the jugs :)

The boys opted to have their own jugs of course, while Jody and were good with splitting one.

There were food, beer, crafts, games, and gambling tents.
This was just a quick view of the entertainment tent we were standing in.
It was packed!

We of course had to grab a snack!
One of my favorite places from Columbus had a booth there.
When the festival ended at midnight the crowds head to a couple local bars to keep the party going.
Doesn't this guy below kind of look like Jake Gyllenhyaal?
On our walk back to the house we came across this giant chair and Mic couldn't resist sitting in it!
That guy is 6'6", but sure doesn't look it in that chair!

We had a great time at Oktoberfest with great friends!
We are already thinking about the fun we will have next year :)

Sunday morning we got back home to our little guy and things slowly went back to normal.
Like feeding our dinosaurs powered donuts :)

Other than that, my team lost in the final moments yesterday :(

And that my friends was our weekend!
Excited to go on X's first school field trip tomorrow with him and his class!
I hope I am able to get some pics!

How was your weekend?
Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. omg that sucks about your windshield :( stupid wind
    Love the Oktoberfest pics, so fun!