Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Show & Tell | First Jobs + Bluray Giveaway

Being as though I am 36 years old, my first job was quite awhile ago.
Meaning that while I can still remember all the details, it was in a time before everyone had a cell phone and documented every moment of their lives.
We are talking 1995 people.
Yes, people had cell phones then.
But not kids!
I remember a few people have pagers back then, but that was it.

So now that I have you truly have an understanding of how old I am, let's move on.

I was involved in a lot in high school.
I basically had cheerleading and softball practice or games year round.
Which left very little time to have a job.
The main thing my dad always wanted me to be able to do during high school was to pay my own car insurance.

So in the summer of 1995, I starting mowing grass.
I would load my dad's mower in the bed of my 1986 Chevy S-10 truck.
This isn't the truck, but it was gray and looked just like this.
Side note: My dad got that truck brand new in 1986 and I knew from the moment he drove it off the lot that I wanted it when I was old enough to drive!
So 9 years later when it was time to get my license, this was the truck I learned how to drive in.
Stick shift and all!
I loved that truck!

Now back to my story....
Most of the lawns I mowed were for the ladies from my grandparents church.
I would go once a week to their houses, mow their grass, and then they would pay me in cash.
That was it.
It was super easy.
And I was able to get a tan while I did it.
Teenage Vanessa was all about having a natural tan in the summer :)
I made all the money I needed for car insurance for the year in the summer that I didn't have to work during the school year.
It was great!
And FYI, I still love to mow the grass!
It just feels good, and it is good workout :)

I had a different car the next summer, so I then had my first W-2 job. lol!
I worked at Michaels craft store a couple days a week - because you basically couldn't work more than that if you were under 18.
Sometimes I was a cashier (remember when we talked about what we wanted to do when we grew up), straighten stock, and help decorate the displays.
Again, it didn't last long since I didn't work during the school year.

I pretty much had similar jobs to Michaels each summer until I was done with college.

Mic grew up doing odd jobs here and there for his parents business before getting his first "real" job at Red Lobster.
Yes, he was the tall, skinny kid that stood by the lobster tank waiting to seat you at your table ;)

He apparently had a thing for food, because his next job was at Sandy Hill Fruit Farm
He helped set out all the fruits and vegetables, plants, etc. every day and then packed them away in the freezer at night.

Mic was very similar to me as we were both involved in sports so much that we usually only worked in the summer months.

Fast forward 20 years and here we are owning our own business and working together.

Now I want to know, what was your first job?
Did you work all through high school?
Did you not work until college or after?

Linking up today with Andrea @ Momfessionals :)

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  1. My first job was working at a small, local amusement park in the concession stand. I LOVED IT. I worked there 3 summers in a row and had such a good time :)

  2. I forgot about this post, will be doing it tomorrow, but Mr. always says...man you've done everything!

  3. Wow you have done it all, girl! Very impressive!!! XO

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