Monday, October 19, 2015

Silliness & Sadness

We woke up Friday morning and our little guy was still sick :(
He appears normal to the naked eye, but then this horrific cough comes out and it just breaks my heart!
So I stayed home Friday morning with him, took some silly selfies, snuggled, and watched Spookley the Square Pumpkin :)

Friday afternoon and evening flew by, so we decided to grab a late dinner at Cracker Barrel.
X seemed to be doing a bit better, and was having so much fun being silly with daddy :)

Mic had to work all day Saturday, so X came to Kroger with me.
I don't know how all of you other moms bring your kiddos to the store with you!
It wasn't a terrible trip until we had to get by the toy section :/

We thankfully made it home without a complete meltdown from either of us, and X headed in for a much needed nap.
Much needed being 3 1/2 hours!
It was wonderful!

I relaxed in my super comfy flannel and tee, made a dessert for tailgating on Sunday, and caught up on a few shows :)

By the time X woke up it was 7pm!
We quickly made dinner and called it a night.
Since he still wasn't feeling 100%, he went back to bed a few hours later.

On Sunday, it was game day!
Mic, my FIL, and I joined my dad and crew for the Browns game.

 We actually park, tailgate, and then ride a boat around the river to the stadium.
It is great!
 We go through the Flats on our way to the stadium.
It always amazes me how much things have changed since I used to frequent that area 10-15 years ago.
These apartments and restaurants now stand where there were quite a few dance clubs and bars my friends and I enjoyed.

Once in the stadium I didn't take many pics.
I mean, I am there to watch the game.

 After cheering our hearts out through 4 quarters and OT, the Browns lost 26-23 :(

 We drove home, ate another late dinner, and headed straight for bed.

Ready for another cold, but fun week ahead.
X has school pictures, his school Fall Festival, we all have family pictures, and then a Halloween party.
Is it Sunday yet? lol!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


  1. Oh no! Hope he is feeling better today! I've always wanted to day, one day.

  2. Hope X is on the mend- being sick is no fun!! I don't know why, but that square pumpkin made me laugh out loud- so silly looking! :) Sorry 'bout your Browns- I was rooting for you guys to beat the Broncos!

  3. Bre had that horrific cough a few weeks ago it's the worst! I hope he is feeling better!!! We love Spookley in this house, Bre looks fwd to watching it every year!!!

    That Tee is EVERYTHING!!!


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