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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I may have mentioned this a time or two, but I have a thing for graphic tees.
I always have.
Way before they became cool I rocked them under flannels (90's girl here), over thermals (again, 90's girl here), by themselves, etc.
Like when other 20 and even 30 somethings were wearing cute sweaters and such,
I was wearing a Mickey Mouse, Kermit the frog, or some sort of wordy tee.
That's just me.
And recently I have decided to embrace that side of me.
I have never been the girly girl, the preppy chic, the goth queen, etc.
I have always been the graphic tee girl.
So today is all about the graphic tees that I am lovin' lately, and may or may not be hanging out in my online shopping carts :)

Instagram Love
I just recently came across Gray Anchor Apparel and I am loving what I have seen so far!
I mean, how perfect is this for the holidays?!
And I can't leave out my little guy :)

Next are a couple shops that I fell in love with through Instagram, but are thankfully fairly local for me.
Cleveland Clothing Co. - Cleveland tee

Homage - 440 tee

This next one is so cute!
Can I somehow just have the entire outfit?
 WeeStructed - Journey tee

Ever since Mic and I went on our honeymoon to Savannah, Georgia we have been obsessed with it.
The final song of the night at our wedding reception was Georgia on my mind.
So this tee is so fitting for me!
Milk and Honey Tees - Georgia on my mind tee

And of course I love the tees from Pebby Forevee and Wild Mountain Apparel that I talked about on Monday :)

Target Love
Target always has a great selection of graphic tees.
It is my go-to local spot for me tees.
I must admit, I usually pick them up in the Men's section.
I like the colors better and I am able to get them in a more relaxed fit.
90210 tee
One of my all time favorite shows!

This was the first game system I ever knew!

HELLO Tim Riggins!

Now I could end this post right there, but I'm not.
I am 100% a graphic tee girl.
And I have decided to make X a 100% graphic tee boy.

Again, Target for the win here!
X loves all things Paw Patrol, TMNT, Minions, Monster Trucks, etc.
I can find them all and more at Target.

Chase Paw Patrol tee
Paw Patrol Crew tee

Are you a graphic tee girl?
If so, where do you get them?

Linking up today with Sarah @ Tucker Up :)


  1. Girl a good graphic tee is the way to my heart! I am an oversized tee shirt and leggings kinda girl! I love the FNL choice and all the Christmas ones are adorable. LOVEEE this post!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. I love a good graphic Tee too....these ones are awesome!

  3. I LOVE that first one!! Thanks for sharing, I need to get that one ASAP!

  4. I love those Christmas tees & that FNL one...yes please!!

  5. YES!!!!! So much yes. Graphic tees are where its at. I have quite a few, but Targets selection of them always make me laugh. Love!

  6. LOVE graphic tees!!! I need to invest in some more!!! Old Navy always has cute kids ones!


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