Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mommy Styled Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Friends!
I figured I would join all the lovely ladies at The Blended Blog for a Fashion post!
I recently ordered another box from Stitch Fix and again had a new stylist.
I was super nervous to see what I was going to get!

My box arrived last week when I was super busy and on my way out the door, but I did steal a quick peek at the style card.
First glance...I like what I see :)

That night I tried things on for Mic and X, so I am going to give you their thumbs up or down too!

THML Baley Embroidery Yoke Knit Top - Navy $54
X - was half up, half down - He liked the navy and white on the bottom, but didn't like the top.
Mic - thumbs down - I could have guessed that. He doesn't like loud patterns of any kind.
I loved the fit of this top, but it was just a bit too busy for me.
In the end, I sold it!
Yep that is right!
I posted it on a board on Facebook and someone else now is wearing and loving it! :)

Papermoon Kathie Kimono - Off White $44
X- again was half up, half down - He liked the little things that looked like X's but nothing else.
Mic - thumbs down of course
I actually really liked the pattern and the colors, but I am not a kimono person.
I like things that are complete if that makes sense.
Thankfully, someone else on that great Facebook board loved it so I sold this one too!

 Blu Pepper Kenward V-Neck Top - Blue $28
X - thumbs up! - He liked the "X's" in the top.
Mic - thumbs up - He liked the color of blue and that it was pretty plain :)

(Don't mind the wrinkles on this one, I took it straight out of the box)
I am not normally a dusty blue person, but this was super cute on!
I immediately saw myself pairing it with shorts this summer, or even my white skinny jeans for a night out!
Kept it for me :)

Market & Spruce Adelina Lace Detail Knit Top - Black $54
X - thumbs up - It's black :)
Mic - thumbs up as well

This was love at first sight for me!
I was praying it fit well and it did!
Keeper for sure!

Verse Francine Knit Dress - Navy $48
X - thumbs up
Mic - thumbs up
Love, love, love this dress!
It is super lightweight, great pattern, can be dressed up or down, and can be worn in multiple seasons!
Love navy and white too!
Kept it of course!

So my stylist for this time around was Katie and I think overall she did a great job!
Such a good job that I have another fix arriving this week that I hope is from her as well!

What do you think of my fix this time around?
Have you tried Stitch Fix before?
I absolutely love not having to go shopping for myself!

Click here to give a try today or email me/comment below for more info :)

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