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Show & Tell | Embarrassing Moments

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If you know me at all, you would know that I get embarrassed all the time.
Honestly, this post should be about what doesn't embarrass me.
It would be much easier to write.

While this may sound crazy, I have tried my very best to avoid any and all embarrassing situations.
You can ask Mic, I am probably the most cautious person in the world.

A lot of my most embarrassing times revolve around others.
Like I said before, I embarrass easily.
I'll get to those moments in a minute.

I can't pick an exact event, but my hearing sometimes gets me in trouble.
There are just some people I can not hear or understand when they are talking.
I actually had my hearing tested about a year ago and was told I have amazing hearing.
Child like actually.
So why can't I hear these people when they talk?
I don't know, but it drives me crazy!
Hopefully they aren't telling a sad story of some kind because I am over here smiling away!

As I sit here and type this I thought of event this happened!
So in 7th grade I was at one my school dances where the music super loud of course.
Well a boy asked me to dance to a slow dance.
We were friends so I said sure!
I love to dance...even if it is a slow song.
Let me back up a moment...
Of course I liked boys at this stage, but I liked them.
That was it.
So here I am dancing with this boy and he asks me a question.
I have no idea what he asked.
To this day I don't know.
I mean, I can kind of figure out what he may have asked by what happened next.
He kissed me!
Not just a peck either!
I am talking stuck his tongue in my mouth kiss!
My 7th grade self about flipped out!
Shockingly I didn't run away crying and scar him for life.
I did find out a couple days later that we were now "going out".
So I assume he asked me to "go out" with him.
I politely had to end things since I had no interest in him in that way, and because I didn't want him thinking he could kiss me again! lol!

When Mic and I were first dating he brought me down to our now town and home to get away for the weekend.
We had no plans, so I packed lightly.
I had on some jeans, gym shoes, a tee shirt, and a rain jacket of some sort.
On our way into town we found out that a good friend of Mic's was in town with his girlfriend that we hadn't met yet.
So we head over to the family home to say hello and meet her.
As we are there the whole family was getting ready for an event.
Their little sister was in a pageant that evening that they were all going to and invited us to come along.
Now look back about 7 lines and refresh your memory on what I was wearing.
Here they all are in dresses, shirts and ties, etc.
And what does Mic do?
He says sure we will go and cheer their sister on.
Are you kidding me?
I wanted to hide.
I had NOTHING with me to wear and no time to go pick up something new before we had to leave.
We got there and everyone in the place was dressed up.
On top of that, some more of Mic's classmates from school were there that I was able to meet for.the.first.time.
I was horrified.
I couldn't wait to get out of there.
They probably...actually, I know they all thought I was such a B for not going with the flow but I felt so uncomfortable.
Plus, they weren't terribly nice to me so it made it even more awkward.

Mic and I went to the grocery store one evening and saw someone he knew from school.
Of course she calls out to Mic, so we had to stop by and say hello.
I had only met this girl one time, so I barely knew her but I did know she recently had a baby girl.
Mic proceeds to say hello and then drops this bomb....so who is this little GUY!?!?
That "little guy" was wrapped in every shade of pink possible!
My face had to have been 10 shades of red.
And she was beyond appalled that Mic didn't recognize that she was a little baby girl.

So while I try to control my daily life as best as I can, I typically get embarrassed about something every day of my life.

Advice to myself: Don't take life so seriously! :)
Easier said than done :(

What are some of your most embarrassing moments?

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