Friday, March 31, 2017

Keepin' Things Weird

Oh Friday, I am so happy you are finally here :)

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This week started off weird and just never quick!
I recapped the Good & Bad of our weekend on Monday :)
Enjoying my favorite frozen custard shop opening up locally

Followed by discovering that someone stole our mailbox right off the post :( 

While chickens aren't my favorite, there are worse things you could be stuck waiting to cross the road ;)

On Tuesday I shared some of my very favorite photos in my Show & Tell post :)
And then headed to Erie, PA for a work meeting with Mic.
We tried a place called 28 North in downtown Erie and it was really good!

We ordered WAY TOO MUCH food!
Fried risotto balls with marinara,

Because we ordered a couple of tacos to try, our waiter brought out homemade chips and salsa.
OH MY GOODNESS these were amazing!
These were definitely my favorite part of the meal they were THAT good!

We left the restaurant completely stuffed!
It was so gloomy the entire evening, but it truly is a beautiful setting.

Our workshop let out early and the weather was gorgeous!
I wish we could have stayed longer to enjoy it, but we couldn't wait to get back home to our favorite little guy :)

I also linked up with Shay, Mel & Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday and shared all of our favorite things from the month of March and what we are looking forward to in April :)

In typical Friday Favorites fashion, I found these gems on my favorite form of social media :)

I did see these cereals in Target but I just wasn't sure if I would eat it.
Have you tried them yet?
What are your thoughts?

I spent way too much time at one of my least favorite places - the dentist, this week :(
Unfortunately, my back molar cracked a few weeks ago and I went in to get it fixed.
Things did not go as planned and I keep having to go back :(
I have one more appointment in a few weeks and I am praying things go well so I don't have to go back for a bit!
Do you enjoy going to the dentist?
Oh, those sounds that you hear just creep me out!
And the pain I am currently in from the novacaine is not my favorite either :(

Last night X and I headed to our favorite spot to pick out a birthday gift for a little girl in his class.
I was shocked at first that he wanted to go to her party,
but then quickly realized he mainly wants to go because it is at one of his favorite places - Chuck E Cheese :)

I have no clue how to shop for a little girl!
With a couple of ideas from her mom we grabbed this coloring and sticker kit, along with a stuffed little dog that X picked out.
Fingers crossed she likes it!

While I am thankful it is Friday and this week is over,
this weekend is super busy!
I have an event to attend tonight up north,
followed by that birthday party I mentioned above in the morning Saturday,
and then dinner with friends that evening.
But things could be worse right?
That is what I am going with :)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
And good luck staying away from the tricksters on April 1st!

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