Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekend recap | March is Here!

Happy Monday :)
Did you have a good weekend?
Do or try anything new?

I finally made a recipe from my Mix & Match Mama Eats cookbook on Thursday evening.
I added WAY more cheese than what Shay says in the recipe, but we like our cheese :)
This picture of the Pizza Enchiladas is straight out of the oven.
The cheese was still bubbling!

On Friday evening we swung over my in-laws house to help them use their new 23andme kits.
Have you heard of these? Tried them?
While Mic helped them get through the instructions, X and I played "Toys-R-Us" and wrestled/were ninjas :)

On Saturday I made a quick run to Old Navy to check out #allthenewthings
I swear everyone I follow on Instagram and such were posting some of the cutest things!
I had to check it out!
 black top/olive skinny jeans

Still kicking myself that I didn't bring that top home with me!

I did bring those linen pants home, as well as the striped lace up top.
I am having second thoughts about both of them though.
What do you think?

That evening Mic hung out with a friend, so X and I ventured to our favorite spot for a little fun!

X was lounging around Sunday watching movies and looked so grown up!

Later on he was playing Lego's with Mic and looked more his age ;)

This morning that loose tooth X has was extra wiggly!
Fingers crossed it doesn't fall out until after school!

And that is it for the weekend!

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