Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New do' & such

Weekend recap on Wednesday?
It's totally a thing ;)

On Thursday evening X and I met Mic at Game Day Cuts for each of them to get haircuts.
We had a long wait.
It actually turned into an extremely long wait :(
While we waited we looked at pictures of haircuts to see if X was up for anything new.
He ended up picking this one below.
He has never liked his hair standing up, looking spiked or anything!
I feel like his personality is so hyper and crazy that he balances it out with prim and proper hair.
Know what I mean?

Well we decided to go with the above cut, but a shorter version.

He absolutely loved it!
He kept talking about how he had tall hair :)
And then he mentioned that he had hair like Archer now.
Yep, a little boy from school looks a lot like that kid with the blond hair up there. lol!

Update on the hair....he wore it spiked up in the front only for about 4 days and has already asked for his simple hair back. lol!

After haircuts we grabbed dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.
Are you a fan of this place?
I don't know what it is, but I just don't like anything on the menu.
Even the wings aren't that good in my opinion :(
However, they did have tablets that X was able to use and play with while we were there.
That was a major plus!

On Saturday we headed north to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday :)
It happened to be my FIL's actual birthday that day so Mic and X called him.
Doesn't he look like a teenager sitting there holding that phone all by himself?

Of course we can't seem to go to my mom's house or see her without X getting some sort of gift.

We had a great time visiting with my cousins, aunts and uncle, brother and SIL, and grandma too!

And check outthis little lady!
She just turned 8 months old the other day :)
She is getting SO SO big!

See what I mean about this kid being spoiled?
He blew out the stinkin' candles for my mom!

In other news, The Voice is back!
I have taken some time away from the show, but my dad has pulled me back in this year.
I downloaded the app on my phone and we are currently playing against each other, along with my brother and step mom to see who has the best team/who picks the winner/etc.

Are you watching this season of The Voice?
Who is your favorite so far?
Who is your favorite coach?

Hope you are all enjoying your week!

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