Monday, March 27, 2017

The Good & Bad + A Giveaway

Happy Monday!
This weekend was all over the place for us.

On Friday evening Mic and X enjoyed the nice weather and picked up sticks around the property.
Well, Mic did that while X tried to move these logs :)

Meanwhile, I headed out to pick up some fried chicken for dinner and made a pit stop at a new custard joint.
If you live anywhere in the Columbus, Ohio area and haven't tried Whit's get there now!
It is SO GOOD!
We were introduced to it years ago, and I am over the moon that we finally have one in our small town!
Official opening is March 31st, but I had heard they were doing a soft opening and couldn't pass up a chance to enjoy it early :)
I got my usual chocolate with rainbow sprinkles #becauseiamreallyafiveyearold
and picked up some Sea Salt Caramel to bring home for Mic.
I see many trips to Whit's in our future this summer :)

After eating dinner we headed back outside for a bit and Mic found the problem to our satellite issue.
We have been without service for a week :(
Well an animal decided that cord was tasty and chewed right through it!
Thankfully Mic was able to fix the issue and by Saturday we were back in business :)

Saturday morning Mic and I headed into the office to catch up on some work,
and then we parted ways so I could run some errands while he picked up X from my in-laws.
We both arrived home about the same time (4:30pm ish).
As I stopped to grab our mail from the day something looked weird to me.
Our mailbox was gone!
Ripped right off of the wooden post!
We live in the country, so we looked around in the brush and such and it was just gone.
There were no tire tracks or damage to other mailboxes around it either.
This guy was super sad because he didn't know how he would get another Lego magazine without a mailbox :(

We filed a police report with the Sheriff's office and had to leave it at that :(

We were able to confirm with our mail carrier this morning that our box was missing when she came down our road on Saturday.
Meaning no mail was taken! YEH!
And she also confirmed that along her route there were other homes that had the mailboxes bashed in and such.
While she didn't see any others actually missing, it does make me feel better to know we weren't targeted by someone.

In other news, we have been trying to watch more Disney movies to get ready for our trip.
We watched the original Beauty & the Beast with X and it was cute.
Honestly, it was my very first time ever watching it!
X seemed to really like it and I kept pointing out all the things we would have to look for when we eat at Be Our Guest :)

Now some of you may disagree with the next movie, but we watched Avatar too.
Mic and I have watched it before and thought it was OK for X to see.
The Avatar section of Animal Kingdom is scheduled to open after we visit Disney World,
but just in case we get a sneak peek or experience a soft opening we will be ready ;)

On Sunday we finally got most of our house cleaned up before relaxing and hanging out with my dad and step mom.
We ate pizza, looked at vacation photos, and just enjoyed them being there.
So relaxed and enjoyable that I never took a single picture.

They left and it was time to get things ready for the new week.

What did you do this weekend?
What other Disney movies should we watch before our trip?

Oh, and if you are local (Ohio) don't forget to enter the giveaway below!
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