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Show & Tell | Top Photos

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Today we are sharing our Top 5 or possibly 10 photos :)
This is much harder than it sounds.
I have a ton of pictures that I feel are my absolute favorites!
To narrow it down is almost impossible!
Since I don't have all my photos on my computer I am narrowing it down to a certain time frame :)
Basically the last 5 years with the exception of this first photo.

October 7, 2006
I love this photo for so many reasons!
It was our wedding day and I am standing with the guy I love.
It was a beautiful Fall day in October.
Our wedding featured all of my favorite colors.
But the biggest reason I love this photo is that it was taken at the beach/park I grew up going to as a child/teenager.
It holds so many memories for me, so I was over the moon that I was able to have our wedding pictures taken there :)

I am pretty sure every mom who links up today will have some sort of picture from when their kids were born :)
This is my little cutie just 2 days old :)
We didn't get fancy newborn photos, but I just loved how cute and simple these ones were from the hospital.
This may also be the only time X has ever been calm! lol!

 Taking X to training camp for the Cleveland Browns for the first time was definitely a surreal moment for me.
I grew up go to training camp with my dad and going to the games.
I couldn't wait to start this tradition with X!
And the fact that he was just so happy and smiley while we were there made it even better!

 The next two were from X's One year session with the fabulous Christy Rice!
They both capture his personality so well!

Christy took this photo as well when X turned two, and it quite possibly is my favorite picture ever!
The colors, standing on a train with my guys, all of it just makes me smile from ear to ear :)

Taking this cutie back to my high school was everything to me.
The place where I grew up.
The place that shaped me in so many ways.
The place that I will always call home.
They have now built a new school and moved all the grades around, so I was so happy to bring X and Mic back to my school before they made the switch.
Seeing him run around on the court after the game having so much fun just made my day!

I can't choose between the next two pictures.
That kid was beaming all day at his 5th birthday party!
He still tells me this was his best day ever!

While this picture doesn't seem like much, it means a lot to me.
This particular Christmas Eve service was so special because X wanted to be there and take part in the service.
He even went up front during the children's portion of the service and participated :)
I was so proud of him!

And honorable mention goes to this photo that I took with my phone just this past Fall.
I love the color of the leaves, the blurriness of it, and the artsy feel of the leaves on the ground :)

I can't wait to see what are your favorite photos are!
If you don't blog, tell me below what you like best..professional, candids, etc. :)

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