Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday Talk | Foundation

So this week is all out of sorts!
Monday I was linking up for Workin' It Wednesday,
and now today I am linking up for Tuesday Talk with Ashley & Erika on a Thursday!
Let's just go with it :)

Today I am talking about something super serious...

Make up, well foundation to be exact ;)

As my skin continues to change as I age I am constantly looking for new products that work well for me.
Honestly, I was doing so well with using this one from Urban Decay but lately it just isn't working for me.
Urban Decay Naked Skin

This is where you all come in :)
I want to know what your favorite, tried and true, hands down best foundations, tinted moisturizers, and concealers are!
Please help a girl out :)

Honestly, I would prefer to wear nothing (or close to it) but a little bit of eye make up and chapstick most days, but since I work in a professional office I do need to be a little more pulled together.

I am looking for something that I don't feel on my face.
Light to medium coverage.
And something you don't need to be a make up pro to use ;)

Alright ladies, what do you got for me?

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