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Workin' It Wednesday | Balancing work & home life

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Today the topic is Balancing Work & Home Life.
Oh boy! I need help doing this, so give me all your tips!!!!

For those of you that are new around here, my husband and I own our own financial planning practice.
It is a small business, in a small town.
Meaning there are 3 of us total at our office.
My husband, me, and our receptionist.
Mic and I wear a lot of different hats.

While I am a vital part of our business, Mic handles most of the responsibilities there.
I am pretty much at work during Stock Market hours and then I am out to handle our home life.

My daily to-do list consists of the following:
Getting up, showering, and getting ready for work while doing the following
Getting X up for school
Getting him his breakfast
Making sure he is eating said breakfast in a timely manner
Making sure he gets dressed in a timely manner
Etc., etc. etc.

Once we are ready we load up the car and head to school.
I drop him off around 8:50am and then head to work - most days.
In the winter I may have to stop back home and put work on the fire to keep the house warm before heading into the office.
#countryliving #morelikeamishliving

So I arrive to work around 9:15am most days.

I try really hard to leave my computer at work during the week because I am on it all day and just need a mental break.
Plus, I don't have time for it once I get home from work.
So that means I typically write my blog posts while I am at work.
I always try to get any online shopping we need done, check schedules for up coming appointments,
plan our vacation, etc.
When you are doing math, processing transactions, and paperwork all day you need mini breaks :)

I leave work about 4:30pm to pick up X from after care at preschool and then it is home to make dinner.
I try to start the dishwasher in the morning before I leave for work so things are done and ready to be put away while I am making dinner.

By the time we eat dinner and clean up it is time for his bath.
After his bath he either plays on his tablet for a bit or watches some cartoons while I workout.
This workout is crucial for me!
Once I shower, we head to bed and wake up the next morning to start it all over again.

Rereading that sounds so boring!
And exhausting!
See why I need your tips!
Things are definitely not balanced in my world right now.

But if you clicked on this post to give you some advice or a tip in anyway I won't leave you hanging :)

My biggest tip I can give to you all is try to find at least 30 minutes of your day to decompress.
I love to workout!
I wish I could do it more!
And I truly enjoy working out at the end of the day because my muscles move better and I am able to let go of some of the stress from the day before going to bed.

That is a typical winter day.
In a couple weeks soccer begins and our whole schedule changes! :/

Now it is your turn!
Tell me how to balance things.
How to find time to see my husband (Thank God we work together or we wouldn't see each other!).
What chores or tasks do your kids do that maybe X could be doing for me?
I want him to be able to be a kid, but he does need to start learning responsibility.
How do you keep your house clean?
I think I need a cleaning service - any suggestions?

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