Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Style Me Pretty

Another week has gone by and that means another week of outfits suggested by Alison @ Get Your Pretty On!

Click on the days 1-2 and 3-9 to see previous outfits.
Again, remember I work in a business casual office Monday-Friday, so most of my outfits have to be modified.

{day ten}

coral scarf/navy and white striped shirt
navy skirt/leopard flats

{day eleven}
floral scarf/pink button down
navy dress pants/boots

{day twelve}
coral sweater/white tank
black and white striped dress pants/black boots
gold link necklace

{day thirteen}
I was pinspired instead of using the outfit suggestion.
See all my pinspired looks for the month this Friday.

{day fourteen}
 sweatshirt/green tank
bf jeans/white converse (not shown)

It was a lazy Sunday, and it was cold.

{day fifteen}
floral scarf/denim jacket
black and white striped tee/black maxi skirt
leopard flats

When I picked up X from school on this day all of the girls there complemented me on this look :) Totally made my day!

{day sixteen}
red sweater/heart necklace
black and white striped dress/hunter boots

Another rainy day in Ohio.
Today called for boots!
And don't ask me why my knees look so weird in this photo! :/

Linking up with Sarah @ Tucker Up & Lindsey @ The Pleated Poppy for WIWW,
and Alison @ Get Your Pretty On for I Feel Pretty.

As well as all of the ladies listed below :)

 Vanessa @ X-tremely V
 Anne-Michelle @ May We Be Allergy Free
 Teresa @ Two Babies and Me


  1. So fashionable! I might start a fashion challenge for those who work from home like me and post PJ's every day! HA! :)

  2. I love everything! The last one is my favorite though, the dress. Cute!

  3. Love all your outfit combos! You seriously inspire me to try to put together some different outfits- I am SO BORING!! lol

  4. Oh I love your day 15 and 16 outfits. I wish I could get away with wearing rain boots, but alas it hardly rains here. People would point and laugh :) It's like what I do when people wear Uggs when it's 80 degrees out.

  5. Great job modifying your outfits for work. I love your dress with the boots!

  6. My Hunters have been a staple in my wardrobe this spring, too! I love your jean jacket. Great modifications to the challenge!

  7. You should be the poster girl for workwear adaptations

  8. Hey girl! I'm an Ohio based blogger as well- Columbus actually! Are you in C-bus too? Love those rain boots! Def. need them this week!

    Thrift and Shout

  9. I love how you change everything for work but still using most challenge pieces!
    You also do look AMAZING in that maxi skirt outfit, no wonder you got so many compliments!

  10. Love your office appropriate outfits. It's been pretty great to realize we can wear the same clothes for work and play by styling them differently.

  11. I swear I am going to come over there and raid your closet. I swear I wear the same thing over and over again. I need to hit the stores.

  12. Love this. I'm fit friendly, but totally need to work on my fashion friendly. Thank for the great ideas!!!

  13. Your modifications are AWESOME! I love seeing how everyone makes the challenge work for their personal style and daily life. The maxi skirt outfit is my favorite!

  14. I like that you made the outfits your own. I really love the black and white striped dress. It looks fantastic on you and great with the boots.


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