Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Basket Reveal & #xvsdailylife2014 Week 15

When I saw that Sarah @ Our Journey was doing a Easter Basket link up I couldn't resist!
By the way if you haven't checked out her blog, do so today.
She already has a handsome little guy, and will be adding a beautiful daughter to the mix this summer :)

As I was getting this post ready I saw Darci @ The Good Life Blog was also hosting a Easter Basket link up and decided to join the fun there as well :)

So this year will be different than others.
The first year X was only about 4 months old so his basket just had a little bit of candy (for Mic & I) and some plastic eggs.
His Grandma Roberts got him a big chick :)
Don't mind the 1980's counter tops. Thankfully, we have replaced them :)

The next year mom & dad the Easter Bunny did a little better :)
X received some fun books, summer clothes, new pj's, and a new Pottery Barn chair :)

This year mommy the Easter Bunny is going a bit overboard.
Since X was sick for his birthday in December we never really got to celebrate or do anything fun for him.
This mommy felt bad :(
So this year he is getting the traditional chocolate Easter Bunny,
a few of the Chuggington trains to add to his collection (found them on clearance at Ollie's), a few pairs of shorts for summer 
(I can't resist camo these days!), and a hat and flip-flops.

FYI: If you live anywhere around the Cleveland area you MUST go to Malley's Chocolates!

Now the kicker is they won't be placed in a basket or chair this year.
They will be in his new Little Tikes Jump n' Slide!
I found it on a great sale at Kmart and they even offered free shipping! I saved almost $100 on this thing!
I can't wait to see X's face on Easter morning :)

What are you or the Easter Bunny giving your kiddos this year?

Now let's catch up with #xvsdailylife2014!

Day 99~ Enjoyed a delicious salad for lunch with Mic :) 

 Bonus: Sibling Day!
My #tbt  is me and Richie Ditchie :) #siblinglove

 Day 100 ~ Enjoying a picnic in the family room for dinner :)

 Day 101 ~ We had dinner by the lake :)

 Day 102 ~ Someone got a much needed haircut today!
Hated every minute of it, but was smiling and on the slide minutes later :)
Thank you Cookie Cutters!

 Day 103 ~ Just playing in the tub :)

Day 104 ~ It was an excellent mail day and I didn't even get a new magazine!
2 future blogs posts :)
#influenster #ipsy

Day 105 ~ Putting on a show as always!

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  1. Awww.... you're too sweet! And when can Drew come and play on the new slide thing?! That is AWESOME!

  2. I can't wait for you to post X's face withen he see's his jump and slip.