Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

Our weekend started at about noon on Friday and I couldn't have been more excited!
We grabbed some lunch at Skyline Chili and then headed over to the movie theater to watch Draft Day :)
Side note: The market & our home office were closed.
Plus, we haven't been to the movies since the week before X was born!

On Friday night we broke out the eggs and decided to have a little fun.
I set everything up, and even had the whisk ready for X to use.
That didn't work so well, so we let him just drop the eggs into the glasses.
X does not have a soft touch yet :(
He kept slamming the eggs into the glasses!
It was a fun time regardless, and he was so excited to watch the colors develop on each egg :)
 The finished product :)

As a special treat, Mic and I enjoyed some Peep S'mores :)

You throw these bad boys in the microwave for about 20 seconds and everything is melted to perfection!

On Saturday it was another booty barre class followed by a trip up to Lake Erie :)
It is tradition that you get your picture taken with the big Easter basket at Lakeview Park in Lorain every year.
My dad and step mom met us there and gave X an Easter basket of goodies :)
The sun was out and it looked gorgeous....but it was freezing along the lake!!!

Afterwards we met my mom and new step dad (that is still really strange to say) for a late lunch. 
X thought it was funny to salt his raisins! YUCK!
He seemed to enjoy them...weird kid ;)

We had some yummy desserts and then we were headed back home to get ready for more Easter celebrations the next day.
Of course we couldn't leave without some goodies from my mom as well!
Orange Creamsicle Cheesecake/Tiramisu cake
Carrot Cake/X enjoying fresh whipped cream :)

I honestly couldn't wait for X to see his big surprise Sunday morning!
I The Easter Bunny left some treats and such on his little table where he could then see his big present outside the door :)

Collecting eggs around our backyard.
I think he liked it! ;)

After some playing, we got ready and headed over to my in-laws house for some super yummy ham!
Side note: They live out in the country a bit and have a creek that runs through their property. 
Apparently these people thought it was a park or something! Seriously?

X got to go around the backyard and look for more eggs!

The weather was perfect and the food was excellent!

How was your weekend?
How did you celebrate Easter?

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  1. Sounds like an awesome Easter, but with those desserts it couldn't have been bad anyway! I thought of you Sat night when our friends had us over for s'mores. Wish they had been peeps instead of normal marshmallows!

  2. Is Draft Day good? I really want to see it.

  3. How was Draft Day?? I really want to see it!!

  4. Wow! What a great weekend!! We went to the movies this weekend, too, to see Muppets Most Wanted. What did you think of Draft Day?! Peeps S'mores are THE BEST!!!

    Stopping by from Weekend Recap!

    Meg @

  5. What a great weekend! And that bounce house! Too cool!

  6. sounds like such a great weekend!!! Your in-laws property looks amazing!!!

  7. EEK! Did you like draft day? It's a sin I haven't seen it yet but we want to! :) Glad you guys had a good weekend- I LOLed at the people you just pulled into your in-laws property!

  8. I've really been wanting to see Draft Day! Looks like such a fun weekend!!!