Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Healthy Life - Day 8 Check In

Technically today is Day 9 of my 24 Day Challenge,
but since it isn't complete yet it didn't make sense to call this post the Day 9 check in.
Now that I got that off my chest I feel better...don't you?! ;)

I am not posting my weight or actual measurements on here because...well because I just don't want the world to know those.
However, I will be posting "totals"...like total lbs. lost, total inches lost, etc.
Also, I will be letting you in on how much or how little I have cheated along the way, and how often I am working out.

I started the first few days off great!
I was only eating foods (fruits, veggies, lean meats) that are on the list of good foods. 
Then a few days in I saw the Thin Mints box :( While I can't say that I didn't give in to a craving...I did only have 4 cookies. 
And you better believe I ate those suckers slower than slow to make sure I filled that craving for awhile!

Then it was back to munching on veggies or delicious watermelon for snacks :)
Dinners were tough, but I did manage to have some small portions of lean meat and a little bit of whole grains. 
I tried to load up on the veggies so I was always too full to want more of the carbs. 

I have also steered clear of all coffee, tea, pop, dairy, and alcohol!
All I have drank for the last 8 days is water or water with Spark mixed in :)
Honestly, I don't need those other beverages!
Of course, I love the taste of them or the warmth that coffee/tea/hot cocoa brings to me. 
I just don't need them to get through the day!
I have had plenty of energy and I actually feel a lot better not eating or drinking all those calories.
It is funny, after a few days/weeks of putting good things into your body you start realizing that you don't want to eat or drink the "bad" foods that much. I mean, yes I would love a nice cocktail after a stressful day! But I don't need it, and that is key!

On top of eating better I have been going to booty barre classes again :) I really wish I had been able to go this whole winter! 
I wouldn't be terrified of going on a beach vacation as much.
I went to class Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday morning. 
The other days were tough trying to fit in some sort of activity since Mic had to work.
I posted this photo to instagram as my before and after class photo :)

Now onto the numbers.
Let's be honest, I am sure that is what you are really waiting to hear about.

Pounds Lost 3.8
Inches Lost Overall 4.25

Remember it has only been 8 days!

I can't wait to see what my results will be next week and then after the full 24 days!
You can read about Advocare here and order here.

Have you ever tried Advocare products before?
How are you doing on your fitness or health related goals this year?


  1. Way to go! You're going to rock this!

  2. booty barre? I think I need to try this!! Just found your blog from Erin's! Super cute!!


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