Thursday, April 3, 2014

An apology & #xvsdailylife Week 12 & 13

Before we get on with my post I must apologize to all of you.
Yesterday morning, I found out that I am an idiot moron inexperienced blogger :( 
For the last year I have responded to every.single.comment that was left on this little blog.
Unfortunately, I found out that most of you may never know that I replied to you because I posted all those replies directly to the blog instead of emailing you.
Again, I am SO sorry!
From this day forward I will be responding to all of your comments through email so you actually know that I saw your message and responded to you.
And if you have a lot of time on your hands, feel free to look back through the archives and find my responses.
Seriously, I can't believe I never knew this until yesterday! UGH!

Moving on...

I didn't post an update last week because I really wanted to participate in a link up that was a bit more revealing and deeper than just showing you my instagram feed. lol!
If you are interested, you can read that post here.

Day 78 ~ Ordered this top from Hippie Chick Boutique today and I can't wait to get it! Perfect for the summer!
~UPDATE~ It arrived and I LOVE it! It will be great as a swimsuit cover up as well :)

 Day 79 ~ I managed to get a fresh coat of polish on my nails :)
#itisthelittlethings #thatmakemehappy
#zoyaodette #ipsyglambag

 Day 80 ~ Drinking his milk like a big boy :)

 Day 81 ~ Lots of yummy comfort food!

 Day 82 ~ Doubling up!

Day 83 ~ Welcome back old friend! First day of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. LOVE grape Spark!

 Day 84 ~ Loving my new Tiffany like silver heart necklace from Hippie Chick!
$10 instead $125 #greatdeal

Day 85 ~ Fresh cut watermelon is my weakness these days!
#sogood #cantwaitforsummer

Day 86 ~ My bangs decided to work with me instead of against me today :)

Bonus photo since it was #tbt on Day 86
This photo was taken 13 years ago this summer!
We had been dating just a few short months at this point :)
To be that young, skinny, and tan again!
One thing I don't want to be again is blonde! #yikes

 Day 87 ~ This kid rocked chopsticks tonight at dinner like a pro!

 Day 88 ~ This happened again :(
#springgetheresoon #ohioweather

Day 89 ~ Watching the movie Epic with my little guy :)
#sundaymovie #mommyxtime

 Day 90 ~ Made my go-to dinner tonight with lots of yummy veggies!
Day 91 ~ I think it is #funny that 3 days ago I had my heat on full blast and today I have on my AC!

Are you participating in a daily photo challenge?
Are you on instagram?
Leave me your user name in the comments below so I can follow along :)


  1. It's always a fine line when I see people doing that 'replying' thing on the actual comment. I mentioned it once to a blogger and it REALLY backfired so I just figured I'd never bring it up to anyone else ever again! :) Glad you're emailing back now!

  2. So I've been following you on the challenge and really enjoy your posts- I figured it's time I start reading your blog too. Loving your healthy may just be inspiring me...

  3. No worries ma'am - blogging is a learning experience, too!! ;) what a fun post...those purple nails are AWESOME! You two look so cute watching those movies together!! :)

  4. I just LOVE when people post their Instagram pictures, even if I follow them on Instagram already, I just eat it up. That said I loved your pictures. Do you know what brand/color it is? Do you usually like all the ispy bag stuff? Your little boy is beyond adorable. And I'd gladly take whatever broccoli concoction you were cooking up. Have a great weekend girl :)