Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Update

Our weekend was pretty laid back, but filled with family and friends :)
Unfortunately, X woke up Saturday morning with a slight runny nose that turned into a full blown cold :(
He still played his heart out all day Saturday,
but by Sunday he was definitely a mopey version of himself.
Hence the super delayed post.
Thankfully this morning he seemed to be feeling quite a bit better!
Keeping my fingers crossed that it was just a 24-48 hour deal.

Due to X not feeling well, and me just wanting to enjoy the weekend...
I didn't take many photos.
It was actually kind of nice to just enjoy visiting with my family instead of forcing myself to take a ton of pictures.
Anyways, here are the few that I took...

 We went to dinner at the Hooley House in Westlake on Saturday night. This was just a small wall of TV's. 
You should have seen the rest of the place! I was in heaven!!!!
 The portions were huge!
That was a personal pizza! It could easily feed 3-4 people!
 X has been asking for cupcakes, but I don't usually give him sweets.
Since he was sick this weekend I made an exception and picked up one at Kroger for him :)
He loved it :)
I ended my weekend watching the ACM Awards last night while laying in bed :)
Country music is great!
Of course my favorite of the night was Eric Church :)

How was your weekend?
Did you try a new restaurant or bar this weekend?
Did you watch the ACM Awards?

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  1. hope he is feeling better! Breanna had a small cold last week too! That food looks so so so so good!

  2. We always see that place driving on 90 and I wondered if it was any good! Looks like the food was delish!

  3. I go to the Hooley House in Mentor all the time. I love that place! and the ACMs were great. Eric Church was great, as always, but my main squeeze is Luke Bryan. I thought him and Blake did a great job hosting again.

  4. Oh my goodness he is so cute with that cupcake! My night consisted of bed & the ACMs too.

  5. So happy to read & follow your blog now, IG friend!!!

  6. Quiet weekend here. I finally ran my 5K. now maybe train for a 10k