Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Healthy Life - The Summer Glow & A View of my Family Room

Tomorrow is my last day of the 24 Day Challenge.
So instead of going over the final details today, I am just going to postpone it until next week when the results are in.

Of course it is Tuesday, so you are still getting a dose of Healthy Life :)
It is Spring, and Summer will be here before we know it (the first day of summer is only 67 days away!)
I don't know many people that don't want to have a little color in the Summer. And when I say color, I mean "a tan".
When I was younger I loved to lay out in the sun all day with my SPF 4 (if that) oil and bake :)
I would turn a nice shade of bronze within a day!
It was great!
I used to do to the same thing when we would go on vacation to Myrtle Beach!
I didn't even care if I burned, because I knew it would turn into a nice tan.
And don't even get me started on all the times I went to the tanning salon before dances, weddings, etc.!

Fast forward many years later and you won't catch me anywhere near a tanning oil or salon! 
Would I enjoy the ability of being able to layout for a day or two...yes. 
But these days I don't have the time, nor do I want to ruin my skin!
When I am outside I always have sunscreen on with an SPF of at least 30! And sometimes even higher than that when at the beach!
I just don't want to damage my skin anymore than I already did all those years ago.

But I still want that beautiful tan glow!
So I turn to sunless tanner :)
Seriously, one of the best inventions ever!!!!

I received a sample of Tan Towels in one of my very first Birchbox deliveries and couldn't wait to try them!
They seemed to work pretty well, but they are $24 for 5 towelettes!
If my tan lasted for 2 weeks I would get them.

My go-to tanning wipe is the L'oreal Sublime Bronze towelettes.
They have 6 in a box for under $10!
The wipes are a good size and are able to cover my entire body in one use.
The color looks great and even!
And it usually lasts for 5-7 days for me :)

I used to use the Faux Tan Body ($26) & Face ($24) from bareMinerals for years!
The lotion went on evenly (if applied correctly), the color developed quickly, and it lasted for a full week!
It is great for in the summer because it really gives you a "I just came back from the Tropics" kind of glow!
However, living in Ohio it was a bit darker than I would like on a daily basis. 
And no matter how good you wash your hands they still ended up stained :(

My other go-to tanning product is Neutrogena's micro-mist.
It is an aerosol can that can be turned upside down with a continuous spray. 
It helps to get those hard to reach areas on your back as well.
It is easy to apply, dries quickly, and the color develops nicely over a couple uses.
It is another great product you can find at your local grocery store under $10!

During the winter months I use Nivea's Sun-kissed Radiance to add just a slight glow when I am feeling a bit too pale.
new design

Are you a tanning salon or layout all day kind of girl?
What kind of sunscreen do you use?
Any sunless tanning products I must try?

Don't forget to stop back tomorrow to see the first few outfits of the Spring Style Me Challenge 
with Alison from Get Your Pretty On :)

Additional link up added at 9am :)

So like I said yesterday, Andrea @ Momfessionals is pretty darn good at telling me what to do.
And I am pretty darn good at listening to her :)
Today's link up features rooms throughout your home.

 Our cat Diamond photo bombing :)

Our coffee table, end table, and sofa table were all made in Amish country from Swiss Valley Furniture.
All of our wall photos are ones I took while we were in Savannah or South Carolina. I just had them printed in b&w and framed.
The rest of the photo are just mainly of X :)

This room used to be where I spent most of my time honestly.
Well, before X came along.
I can't tell you the last time I sat there and enjoyed something I wanted to watch on TV or just relax.
As a family we watched the Superbowl (February 2nd) in there.
Otherwise X is playing, watching Disney Jr., or we are upstairs because it is already bath & bedtime :( 
I miss this room!
I also need to add more color to this room!
(Other than toys!)
While I love the grays, whites, blacks, and dark wood it is missing the pops of colors I need!
I am talking about reds, oranges, yellows, you name it!
And none of this pastel stuff either!
I want BRIGHT colors!

Our house was built in the early 80's and you can easily see that in some of our rooms.
Thankfully we have done quite a bit to this room!
Sorry I don't have before photos to share.
Originally the room had beige & floral wallpaper on the the top half of the walls and fake wood paneling on the bottom half.
There was creamy beige colored carpeting, and the fireplace molding was gold.

We painted the walls a gray/brown called Seine from Valspar,
made our boxes on the bottom half of the walls with wood from Lowe's and painted them white, and painted the gold fireplace with black spray paint.
We also installed laminate wood flooring through the whole first floor.

So what does your family room look like?
It is a play room for kids or a gathering area for adults?


  1. I love the tv above the fireplace. I have been trying to get the hubs to make this happen but he keeps telling me about some surround sound issue. Surely we can figure this out! Get yourself a bright colorful rug with a nice pattern that will hide stains. That paint color is perfect, do you know the name of it?

  2. WHAT?? You got those towels in your Birchbox? I am SO jealous!!! I want to try them ASAP! Thanks for sharing all your finds AND your cute family room!

  3. Love your living room and the TV above your fireplace! :)
    I've been using Tan Towels for a month and LOVE THEM! They are easy to use and work well!

  4. I love your family room! That wall color is awesome!

  5. I love the gray walls with white on bottom!!
    Pretty fireplace!

  6. Your white paneling on the bottom is beautiful!