Thursday, March 27, 2014

10 things I like about myself

So Kayla from My Kind of Yellow wrote this post and it really inspired me to jump on board and do the same!
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WOW! Coming up with 10 things about yourself that you truly like can be harder than you realize!
And it kind of come across a bit arrogant :/
However, it is a great challenge and a great way to be positive about yourself!

Here we go!

I have always had a gift of remembering things. Especially numbers. As a kid I could easily remember phone numbers and birth dates of everyone I knew (well before the days of Facebook & cell phones). Today I still remember anniversary dates, birthdays, and even our friends kids' birth dates.
I can remember lots of little useless details.
I remember almost all the lyrics to a song after hearing it only one time. I can remember names, occupations, details from conversations with people that I have only met one time and then don't see again for years. I even remember details about people I have never met! Just tell me a story and it will be forever embedded in my brain!
Oh, and then in high school I could even remember the outfits people wore and when exactly they wore it!
In softball season we used to have to wear dress clothes on certain game days. I had friends who would ask me when they wore something last because they knew I would remember!
Crazy, I know!

Even though I have been pretty shy most of my life, I have always been told how approachable I am. I make friends pretty easy. Just find a point of common ground and viola! A conversation and possible friendship are born! 
I credit this attribute to where and who I grew up with.


As a kid I hated it! I mean I literally used to write something else down instead of my middle name I disliked it that much!
I would write "Lee" on everything!!!
I mean how many people have a middle name that has 2 capital letters in it?
By high school I really loved my middle name and enjoyed the fact that nobody else had anything like it. 
Well, other than my mom :)

Like blunt honesty. Sometimes thought of as having no tact :(
I don't like to sugar coat things. 
While this can get me in trouble from time to time, my friends and family know they will always get 100% truth from me.

I was in cheerleading my entire life. I even went back and coached a couple times after school. I love to dance! I have never had any professional training, but I have always been complemented on my dancing ability. 
I can pick up and do the routines that you see in videos and such with ease.

I will always be there for my true friends and family.
Yes, we all have faults but at the end of the day my friends and family are good people. 
I am also extremely loyal to MY teams! I have been a die hard Cleveland Browns fan since the day I was born! They let me down a lot, but just like my friends I will always be there for them. 
I am loyal to my hometown. It is where I was born and raised. 
It was a great small town to grow up in. It made me who I am today!

I don't like jewelry, fancy restaurants, expensive clothing or handbags. I don't like to go shopping. I don't enjoy going to the movies. 
My idea of a good time? A chain restaurant with my husband and maybe some friends too. 
Then let me go home and watch my TV shows :) 
Even better? Sitting around a campfire in my backyard with a drink in my hand, hanging out with some good friends, and the radio playing some great tunes.

If given the choice between an adult beverage, sweets, new clothes, etc. I would choose the option to workout every time! I feel so much better after a good workout. My mood improves instantly when I get to exercise! Now it is a tough call between watching my shows and working out, but I think I would still choose working out! God did invent DVR's after all :)

Funny thing is I don't eat most of what I bake.
I love making things from scratch and hearing the rave reviews from everyone. 
I even get requests from family members to make certain items each year.

They go with everything. They change based on what I am wearing.
Sometimes they look gray, sometimes green, even blue and brown.
They don't pop like those of you with blue or green eyes,
but they go with everything and they are mine :)
Not my actual eyes...mine are currently red and watery :(

Now it is your turn!
I challenge you to come up with ten things that you like about yourself and leave it in the comments below :)
Tell you what, I will let you get away with 5 things, but you are more than welcome to give me the full ten!

Adding this late, but I absolutely love this song!
If you haven't heard it yet, please take a listen.
The link won't come over from YouTube :(
But click here to listen to Miranda Lambert's song Automatic.
The lyrics are perfect!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh wow. This is an awesome post idea and probably hard for a lot of us who are always criticizing ourselves. I might have to do this sometime!

    1. Thanks Sarah! It was really tough to come up with 10 things!

  2. I'm a cheap date myself. Love being a home body.