Thursday, March 13, 2014

#xvsdailylife2014 Week 10

I know I probably say this every week, but this year is seriously flying by!
As for winter? Not so much! :(
Just like yesterday...Spring come soon please!

 Day 64 ~ These wonderful little treasures have finally arrived at our house :)
#yum #myfavoritecookiesever

Day 65 ~ Always entertaining!

 Day 66 ~ My wild & crazy Friday night! #mochalatte

 Day 67 ~ This kid makes me smile every day!

 Day 68 ~ This guy told me on Sunday that he got engaged!
#proudbigsis #lovemyrichieditchie

Day 69 ~ Extra bedtime snuggles with my little guy :)

Day 70 ~ The sun is shining and I am rockin' the "must have" jacket! 
It is a good day!

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Happy Kids, Inc.

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  1. i am so tired of the cold! can it get warm yet?! please. and love that jacket!

    1. No kidding! I think I would be happy as long as the sun is shining and it was above freezing! lol! Thanks!

  2. Spring is ALMOST HERE, I promise!! ;) I was just looking at the 10-day forecast and Cincy is going to stay in the 50s for the most part, a couple cool days in the high 40s, but we're getting there!!

    1. That is great! Our 10 day is low to mid 40's for the next week :) I will take it though! I need my little guy to get over his cold/cough/ear infection/you name it problem!