Friday, March 21, 2014

The Friday Five

We have reached another fantastic Friday!
This week definitely had its ups and downs, but I am looking forward to another fun weekend with friends :)

1. We had such an amazing time at couple's yoga (read about it here) that I already signed us up for the April class! Weather permitting it is scheduled to be held outside near a lake/reservoir. It should be interesting and cool! 
Can't wait! 

2. On Monday we celebrated St. Patrick's Day by wearing green and eating lots of green foods....celery, grapes, spinach dip (spinach is green ;), green drinks, and of course Skyline Chili with green pasta!

 3. On Wednesday 2 wonderful things happened!
First, I was browsing through instagram and saw that the top I wanted so badly for this Spring/Summer was back at Hippie Chick Boutique! Actually, when I saw the post they had found one left and it was in my size so I flew to the website and snatched it up! I can't wait to receive it! And the only reason I found this wonderful little shop located in Texas is because Andrea @ Momfessionals blogs about their clothes that she wears! 
So Thank you Andrea!!!

4. The next wonderful thing about Wednesday was that I finally made it back to a Booty Barre class! 
I seriously have not been to a class since Labor Day weekend!!!
I so needed that class!
However, my body could barely keep up!
I felt like a first timer all over again :(
And the class has really taken off since I was last there!
You now have to reserve a spot for each class, and they fill up fast! I was technically on a wait list for the this one, but thankfully bumped up and was able to go. I immediately signed up for future classes to make sure I would have a spot. And to get my butt back in shape for the summer!

5. We are continuing our St. Patrick's Day celebration with a small group dinner this weekend with some local friends. This is the first small group we are hosting and I really hope it takes off :) Mic and I have so many great friends that we really just wanted to bring them together and get to enjoy them all! Can't wait to recap the get together for Monday!
A sneak peek of the kid table :)

Unfortunately, this week also had a few down moments...
My car stopped running (thankfully is easily fixable),
and X basically declared war on me :( My head is still hurting from all the hair pulling! 

Each day is a new day though :)

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How was your week?
What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I love that shirt, I will have to check out that site!

    1. I think you would really like the stuff they offer. Cute tops, dresses, etc.

  2. I think there's something in this Spring air that's making kids crazy. Mine pulls my hair and smacks me in the face every chance he gets. I'm thinking about wearing a helmet for protection.

    1. Oh no! While it is slightly comforting knowing it isn't just me, I hate to hear anyone else going through this :( I keep hearing....It shall pass!

  3. Looks like you had a fantastic week!!! Okay that shirt is FUN and you're going to look amazing in it!! :)

    Couples yoga sounds SO fun -- and barre class? You go girl!!!!

    1. Thanks Kayla! The shirt arrived this weekend it is awesome! I can wear it as a swimsuit cover-up as well!

      Couple's yoga is so much fun! And barre kicks my butt, but in the best way possible!