Friday, March 7, 2014

To-Do's Done

Of course linking up as always with Lauren for High Five for Friday 
& these lovelies

This week was all about getting things done!

1. I finally ordered a kids table & chair set for X :)
I can't wait for it to arrive and all the fun memories we will make using it!

2. Our Girl Scout cookies arrived!
All 8 boxes of Thin Mints have been picked up and paid for!
Yes, this counts as a To-Do, and was crossed off as being done ;)

3. I picked up most of the decor for our small group dinner that we are hosting.
I have been wanting to host a family dinner with a local group of friends for a while now, and after seeing the fun that Andrea, Shay, Erika, etc. have I can't wait!
It will be St. Patrick's Day themed with green foods, 
fun treats for the kids & more!
Post to follow of course :)
I think this bark will be served for sure!

4. We have been so busy & lazy that I haven't had much time for working out :( Thankfully, I picked up a copy of The Booty Barre for myself and have been able to squeeze (only 35 minutes long) it in every other day this week!

5. We were able to take a much needed mental health day this week and it was wonderful! I felt like a kid skipping school!
We were able to enjoy our breakfast (not rush through it), spend the day at the Cleveland Auto Show (recap here), and then have a super greasy, but oh so good late lunch at Fathead's :)
It was a pretty perfect day!
While still cold, the weather was even nice enough to wear regular shoes instead of boots!
One of the massive sandwiches/burgers at Fathead's!

How was your week?
Did you cross a lot of things off your To-Do list this week?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. buying Breanna a small table/chairs was the best thing we did and she uses it so much!!!

    I skipped out on cookies this year and now wish I wouldve bought some seeing everyone post about them lol

    Ive been horrible this week w. working out, my knee is screwed up again so I am trying to take it easy....thankfully I only gained 1/2 lb

    have a good weekend girl!

    1. I hope X likes the table! He loves to play/sit at the one at the doctor's office :)

      You can still pick some cookies up at your local Walmart or grocery store I believe ;) I think they even have it on the GS website to locate where to buy! lol!

      Hope your knee gets better soon! When do you go to Myrtle Beach? We are thinking about taking our vacation this year after all :)