Monday, March 3, 2014

Sleep with a bit of fun thrown in

Apparently Mic and I were a bit exhausted this weekend.
We feel asleep while putting X to bed on Friday by 9pm at the latest! Saturday night we were out by 10:30pm, and Sunday we were again asleep before 9pm! I guess we needed it!

I made the mistake of going grocery shopping on Saturday afternoon :( 
I usually go Sunday mornings, but since we were going to be up north then I had to do it Saturday.
It was packed with people!
Rude people!
I think everyone in the county was there stocking up for the BIG snowstorm they were calling for.

Saturday was actually super nice outside!
45* and sunny all day!

Saturday evening we enjoyed visiting with some friends and X had fun copying the big kids :)

I woke up Sunday morning to this...

X was sleeping at the bottom of our bed between my legs.
Crazy kid!

After breakfast we headed up north to celebrate my mom's birthday.
Of course X has to put on a show everywhere he goes and no matter what he is doing :/

My mom blowing out the candle on her massive birthday cake that my new step dad made for her.

This cake stood 7 1/2 inches tall!!!!!

He also made these super yummy banana and chocolate pudding cups!

X checking out the charms that we gave my mom as a gift.

We had a great time visiting with family,
but had to get home and brave the horrible 16 inches of snow the weathermen said we were getting hit with.

 Can you sense my sarcastic tone?
This is what that horrible storm looked like coming home last night....clear roads for miles...OH NO! ;)

How was your weekend?

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  1. My you had a busy weekend. I think everyone was at the grocery store prepping for this storm we never had.
    Hope all is well.

  2. Oh my! That is quite the cake!!! It looks delish. I love anything with chocolate and banana pudding!! Your stepdad seems like a legit guy :)

    Thanks for linkin' up!!


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