Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Healthy Life - Winter Fitness

Mother Nature has truly been messing with my mind this past week or so. Bright, sunshiny days, temps in the 40's, no snow.
It makes we want to get outside and walk, run, anything to burn some calories!
Unfortunately, it is not Spring yet :(
Meaning, the work day that is 40-50* and beautiful is followed by a weekend day that is cold, windy, and blowing snow spit again :(
So to keep myself from going completely insane and becoming a blob I need to find ways to workout inside the house.
As a parent I just don't have enough time in the day (or money) to go to the gym. I would love to, but it just isn't realistic. 
So I try to find the best workout DVD's, on Demand channels, etc. that I can!
Here is what I am doing lately to keep myself active and in shape until Spring hits.
And trust me, once Spring hits...I will be busting my butt to get in shape for Summer shorts, dresses, and dare I say it...swimsuits!

I wrote about going to Booty Barre classes & Pilates classes last summer here. Unfortunately, life/work got busy after Labor Day and I have not been back to a class :(
I absolutely loved the barre class and how good being drenched in sweat and sore felt!
So I picked up a copy of the DVD I gave out in my prize packs for myself :)
I love it!
It is only 35 minutes long, but you feel it!
There is also a bonus section for your abs and thighs!
I am already looking forward to ordering more in this series!
I have mini dance parties with X or even by myself every day to burn a few calories here and there :)
Just turn on your iPod, radio, TV, etc. and dance!

I also love to get some quality time with the treadmill. Just 30 minutes boosts my mood, burns lots of calories, and makes my whole body feel tighter. And I am not a runner! I walk on a huge incline or lightly jog. 
And don't forget about Pinterest!
I am constantly pinning new workout ideas to my Fitness board.
I am currently testing out this one below


So what are you doing to stay fit, healthy, SANE this winter?
Please share in the comments below.
I love to try new workouts :)

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