Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Healthy Life - Couple's Yoga

Working out and eating healthy is great for you.
When you have someone to do it with you it is even better.
When that someone is your spouse it is fantastic!
It truly helps in meal planning when your spouse or even whole family is on board.
I have mentioned many times on here that I love working out. 
I mean LOVE working out!
I don't get to workout much, so when I do it totally kicks my butt. It is beyond worth it to me!

Last month I had signed Mic and I up for a couple's workout class and that was followed by drinks out at a local wine bar. 
It was a Valentine's evening event and I couldn't wait to go!
Unfortunately, Mic came down with the flu and was literally in bed for the entire week :( 
We had to back out and I was super bummed!
Thankfully, the instructor had a good turn out and decided to host this class once a month!
I immediately signed us up for the March class and was anxiously waiting to go.
Mic has never done yoga in his life!
And he isn't the most flexible person in the world either.

We got dressed and headed to the studio for class!
I swear he was more into it than this photo looks!

There were 11 couples there!
We began the class doing individual yoga, 
and then halfway through started doing some stretches and such that involved partners.

Then we moved on to a few poses like these...

Surprisingly they were a bit easier than either of us anticipated.
It was a good workout and I have the good soreness to prove it! :)
Can't wait for next month!

The after photo...

After working up a pretty good sweat we headed out with the group for some adult beverages :)
It was a really fun time at class and afterwards!

Click here for some partner moves that you can try out in the privacy of your own home.

Do you and your spouse workout together?
Have you ever tried couple's yoga?

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Happy Tuesday!


  1. I'd probably have to bribe Derek to go to yoga with me so good for your hubs! But yes, we love running together and even did P90X together after Drew was born. It's so much easier to stay healthy as a family when you workout together and cook together!

    1. Thankfully a few other couples we are friends with were going as well, so it made it easier to convince Mic to go. Plus, everyone was going out for drinks afterwards :)
      I tried to get Mic to do P90X and Insanity with me, but no such luck :( Hopefully I can keep him interested in yoga :)

  2. I so wish my husband would do something like this with me. We do workout together but he's not flexible at all.

    1. My husband is not very flexible at all! But he was strong enough to do the holds and such :) It was really fun!

  3. Brave man. I'm trying to picture my husband voluntarily going to a yoga class and it's just not working. :) Sounds like such a fun concept. Glad you finally got to go. Btw, love the blog re-design. :)

  4. That being said...my husband was brave enough to take swing dancing classes with me, so who knows!

    1. Thanks Valerie! I think because some of our friends were there and it involved drinks afterwards he didn't put up a fight :) Dance classes on the other hand would never happen!