Thursday, May 1, 2014

#xvsdailylife2014 Week 16

Let's do this!

 Day 113 ~ Just a little light reading before bed :)

 Day 114 ~ Just a boy and his big bowl of popcorn :)

 Day 115 ~ This boy sure does know how to work us!

 Day 116 ~ Enjoyed another great evening at The Wishmaker :)

 Day 117 ~ He is worried that McQueen won't catch up to win the race :)
#disneycars #thirdtimethisweekend

Day 118 ~ I just can't resist a Vince Vaughn movie!

Day 119 ~ Hanging out in the basement past bedtime since we have a tornado warning :(

How is your week going?
How many times have you watched the movie Cars?
Do you like Vince Vaughn? Which of his movies is your favorite?
Are you getting the crazy storms like us in Ohio?

Don't forget to check out #thephotochallenge2014 that Andrea (@andrea2220) & Erika (@slaughteren) host each month!


  1. Week is good! I went to my first Barre Fusion class on Saturday, it was hard, but super fun. We just joined this new gym and so far we're loving it, I hope we continue to love it!

    We have watched the movie Cars approximately 500 times, not that's not exaggerating...okay maybe a little, but enough times that I've lost count.

    No storms here, but we're getting crazy wind here.

  2. Week is going well. Really busy as usual.
    I love Vince Vaughn.....The Breakup and Wedding Crashers are at the top of my list.


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