Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Where do I begin?
This weekend was jam packed with visiting family & friends.


Since we knew we had 3 full days ahead of us we stayed home and relaxed.
Of course we watched Cars with X for the gazillonith time!!! lol!


After getting my morning workout in at booty barre,
we headed up to Port Clinton to visit my dad and step mom for the day while they were camping.
We were so looking forward to catching some rays while swimming, but unfortunately the outdoor pool wasn't open :(
We settled for the indoor pool and playing on the slide instead :)

My dad and X walking to the playground/Fun on the slide
X in his swim gear/Snuggling with Pa/Having fun in the pool with daddy
Enjoying his first cob of corn/The 80lb turtle that the campers next to my dad had with them!
My dad snapped this pic of X while they were playing together.
He told X that he wanted to take his picture,
so he posed and said "CHEESE" :)


My mom had an open house/reception celebrating her recent marriage.
They had it in a community center in my hometown that sits right on Lake Erie.
The weather was PERFECT!
The place looked great, the food was good, and I think everyone had a great time!
I unfortunately didn't take any pictures since I was helping out,
talking to guests, and just enjoying myself :)
X found a stick in the play area and was going to town "hammering" things. lol!

Looks so determined while having his water at Applebee's.


We enjoyed a lazy morning before heading over to my in-laws to cookout.
X was so tired, but fought taking a nap for quite awhile :(
After dinner and hanging out for awhile I headed off to get another workout in before calling it a weekend.
When I picked Mic and X up from his parents' house X wanted to wear sunglasses.
Thankfully I had an old pair he could use :)
This kid kills me with his cuteness!!!
Watching some Super Why at his Grammy's house before his nap.

I just can't take the cuteness!
And look at that drool on his chin :)
My heart just melts!

How was your weekend?

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  1. sounds like a great weekend. and you know, I take an 80 lb turtle where ever I go too, totally normal...haha. Love being able to get workouts in when everyone else is doing something else, just knowing you get some time for you is awesome!


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