Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Five

This week has been an absolute blur!
I honestly feel like yesterday was just Sunday, and now here we are and it is Friday!
Crazy I tell ya!
This week has been go, go, go!
Like I have said many times, I normally love that.
But today I am coming to you sick :(
Oh well, the show must go on!

Here is my five for Friday...


We went to Sesame Street Live on Tuesday night with X and one of his little friends :)
I was super impressed with how well he did!
Of course popcorn helped to keep him in his seat or on a lap during the show ;)

I am two weeks in on the Booty Barre Bikini Challenge!
I lost 3 inches overall and 2 pounds :)
Bikini Body here I come!

Almost every one of my TV shows has ended for the season.
That means more time to workout, have fun outside, go play at the park, etc.!

The 2014 NFL Draft began last night!
Yes, that is huge in our household!
We will more than likely be glued to our TV all three days since the Cleveland Browns are going into it with 10 picks!!!
 Draft weekend 2012
Draft weekend 2013

It is Mother's Day weekend!
Not sure what my guys have planned for me yet, but I am looking forward to spending time with just the two of them :)
You can read about last Mother's Day weekend here.
My 1st Mother's Day 2012

Of course linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday, and Darci and crew for

Go Browns!
Have a great weekend!
And Happy Mother's Day :)


  1. What a great week and he is such a doll!! We are the same way with the draft! Hope you have a great Mother's day weekend!! xoxo

  2. Ha! That kid and his popcorn. Did you guys plan to do a Day out with Thomas this year? We'd love to meet you there if so! We're going on Sat, May 24th in the 11:30 time slot! :)

  3. Visiting from 5 on Friday linkup!

    Is popcorn all it takes?! Our last show we took our little guy to, they didn't allow food in the theater. It was ok though, because it was a quick play of Cat in the Hat and he didn't have to sit through it long. :)
    Happy Mother's day!

  4. Yay for Sesame Street! :) So glad X did so well--- I mean, I'm better behaved with popcorn too hehe!

  5. Although we root for different teams, those pictures are ADORABLE!!!!!