Monday, May 5, 2014

The Weekend & My Nightstand

A weekend with only one day of plans is actually kind of scary to me.
I like down time, just not on the weekends.
I want to go, go, go!
During the week I am completely fine with staying home.
Anyways, back to our weekend. 

Friday night
We enjoyed some Panera for dinner, had fun making silly faces for the camera, and then settled in to watch Despicable Me 2 :)
Perfect evening with my little fam!

He LOVES to watch himself eat!
Strange kid!

I went to barre class in the morning and then X and took a trip to the grocery store later in the afternoon.
I am terrified to bring X anywhere by myself because he always wants to take things out of the cart, run all over instead of sit in the cart, etc.
I was amazed!
I tried to get through the store as quickly as I could and still get our normal groceries. He had fun picking out food with me :)
I almost didn't want the trip to end!
We swung through Starbucks to get a half priced frap for mommy and a yummy cake pop for X :)
He also received his "I was Krogering" stickers from our cashier :)

Mic and I watched the lack luster Kentucky Derby and then we headed out for dinner and frozen custard with a friend.
If you live in the Central Ohio area you MUST try Whit's!
 Fun with onions at dinner :)

Sunday we had one of my very good friends from elementary/middle school/high school/and beyond over with her main man :)
We enjoyed some pulled pork, pasta salad, banana cream pie, and of course lots of yummy drinks!

Love her!
She is one of my oldest and best friends :)

How was your weekend?

It is time once again for...What's On Your...?
with Andrea @ Momfessionals :)

We actually still have the bed and nightstand that Mic bought for his apartment shortly after we started dating.
We really need to invest in a bigger bed and better furniture overall.
Hopefully this is the year we do that!
Swiss Valley Furniture I hope to see you sometime soon! :)
I mean seriously...Mic is 6'5''-6'6"!!!
We need a king size bed already!
Ok, that is a story for another day.
Today we are talking about nightstands!
My nightstand is a nightmare!

Everything and anything gets thrown on there throughout a night/week/etc.
The photo below is actually "cleaned up" compare to how it normally looks.
Trust would go running the other way if you saw it in its normal state!

Yes, I took to the photo in b&w to make it appear a bit better :(
And yes, that is X's hand photo bombing.

I always have the following items on my nightstand...
Alarm clock - Yes, I still have/use one. I end up sleeping through it most days though.
Lip gloss/chapstick - I have one of these little gems everywhere in our house!
A cup of water - Preferably in a large Cleveland Browns cup :)
My retainer - I have had it for years! I wear it at night while I am sleeping.
Glasses and case - So that I don't fall asleep in my contacts.
Stack of magazines and books that I never have time to read.

Other items you can find on my nightstand throughout the week...
Sippy cup & snack for X
Cars or other small toys
My phone
My headphones

It is seriously the catchall place in the bedroom!

What does your nightstand look like?
It is something out of a magazine or a catchall like mine?

Thanks for stopping by and please don't judge me to harshly on the state of my nightstand :)

Happy Monday!


  1. sounds like a fun weekend! and I can't wait to upgrade to a king sized bed one day too.

  2. Glad you and X had a successful Kroger trip! :) And girl, my nightstand is ALWAYS a disaster, trust me haha!

  3. You do need a king size bed!
    My whole bedroom looks like a catchall right now, ha! It's not good. :)

  4. You would laugh if you saw my nightstand. Its an old stool and it only holds a bedside lamp and alarm clock (I still use one too). If I work the angles right, I can also fit a small bottle of lotion. The book/magazine I'm reading fits nicely across the cross bars. And that's all I have room for.

  5. My nightstand is just like me....a complete, phone charger, books, papers, night guard for my clenching teeth, toys, cold meds (mind you I don't even have a cold right now).

  6. Looks like you have an awesome weekend ! We are mom's trust me we aren't judging your nightstand.... I know mine catches everything always... Love the photo boom.