Friday, May 23, 2014

The Friday Five

Since this week hasn't been all that exciting I am bringing you a spin on my Friday Five.
Eating healthy.
Maybe it is the weather, or that summer is almost here.
Or maybe it is the fact that I have a beach vacation coming up!
Either way...Mic and I have been making better choices when it comes to food & drinks!
Lots of water, smaller portions, lean meats, and tons and tons of fruits and veggies.
It really does feel good to put good food in your body! :)

Booty Barre
It seriously is a great workout and totally transforms your body!
If you haven't checked it out yet...what you are doing?

Jason Derulo's song Talk Dirty 
I must dance to it Every.Single.Time!
Yes, the words basically repeat themselves but I can't help but dance to it!
The beat is great!

I can't help it! 
This little guy is my world and lately I have been falling more and more in love with him!
He is so much fun to watch as he is learning and playing and talking :)
Blurry, but oh so cute!

TV Hiatus
All of my regularly watched TV shows are done until the Fall (except PLL coming back on June 10th).
That means time to play outside, cooking and eating dinner outside, fun evenings at the park, etc.

What can't you get enough of these days?

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Happy Friday & enjoy the holiday weekend!
See you all back here on Tuesday :)


  1. I feel like the radio has played that song WAY too much for me and I can't stand it anymore. Anyway, have a good weekend V!

  2. This time of the year is when I kick into high gear with working out and eating right. My body starts to crave healthy food! Kind of sad that all of our shows are over too, summer TV is the worst!

  3. hmmm what's this beauty barre thing? Might have to look into it!