Thursday, May 15, 2014

#xvsdailylife2014 Week 18

Day 127 ~ This boy is obsessed with popcorn like his mommy! :)
#nighttimesnack #eatsitbythehandful

 Day 128 ~ Push mowed without the self propelled option while sore and sick.
#greatworkout #buticantfeelmyarms #iamdying

 Day 129 ~ X loved his very first Superman ice cream cone :)

 Day 130 ~ I love this little guy to pieces, but some days the best part of my day is after he is asleep for the night.
#truth #sickmommy

Day 131 ~ Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Day 132 ~ I have no voice :(

Day 133 ~ Spending some time outside with this cutie after work :)
The weather is SO nice!!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. that picture of you two is just too cute! Funny, I haven't given my son popcorn yet, not sure why not...