Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bad Mom Here

I was invited to join a few friends to grab dinner on Tuesday night and then go see Bad Moms.
Let me back for a moment.
If my calculations are correct, I haven't been to a movie theater to see a movie since the week before X was born.
That was almost 5 years ago.
On top of that, I believe this might have been my first time going to a movie with a group of girls.
I am 37 years old people!
Crazy right?
I know I have been to the movies with a friend when I was younger, but never more than one (maybe two :/).
So this was a whole new thing for me.

Now back to our evening :)

We enjoyed some cold adult beverages and light fare since it was so hot outside!
I just had a normal Strawberry Daiquiri, but my friend Lindsay ordered this mammoth drink that even came with an extra shot!
It was called the Maui Margarita!


Unfortunately, the service was slow at Cheddar's and we barely made it to the movie in time :(
Another party at the restaurant was going to the movie as well and offered to save us some seats.
Super nice!
And thankfully we had them do it, because it was packed!
The only spot with 5 seats together was the second row from the screen :(
This was my view....
It was a little rough, but we had a great time regardless!
I laughed a lot!
Side Note: This movie is rated R. If you aren't OK with a lot of profanity I would suggest you pass on this one :/
What a fun group of ladies! :)

I personally loved this movie!
Possibly because I related to it quite a bit! lol!
And if you go see it, I think I figured out that I am pretty much Mila Kunis' character! lol!

Have you seen Bad Moms yet?
What did you think?
Who was your favorite character?

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Happy Thursday!


  1. I would like to see this - even though I'm not a mom yet! So nice of those ladies to save you all seats!!

  2. A group of us are going to see this in a couple of weeks! So excited to just get out and enjoy with friends :)

  3. Glad you had a good time. I watched this movie with a couple of gal pals. Comedies usually aren't my thing but I thought Bad Moms was hilarious! My fave character was the single mom.