Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's Up Wednesday | August

It's the end of the month already!
That means it is time to link up with Mel, Shay & Sheaffer for...

What we're eating this week
We've had our share of pizza over the last week or so, but we have been loading up on fruits and veggies too!
We also enjoyed some Low Country Boil!

What I'm reminiscing about
That this time 4 years ago we went on our very first family vacation with X!

And 5 years ago was our last vacation as just the two of us!
Crazy how time flies!

What I'm loving
Football is back and the temps are slowly dropping.
Sweater and boot season will be here before we know it! YEH!

What we've been up to
X went back to school!
He loves school and his new teacher!
Looking forward to a great year :)

I also participated in the our Fantasy Football Draft this past weekend.
This is my first year drafting and managing the team all by myself!
Eek! Wish me luck!

What I'm dreading
Having to wake up early on Saturday mornings for soccer games :(
I signed X up for his first season of soccer and they start next weekend.
I have never been a soccer fan, so this is going to be rough!

What I'm working on
A little bit of everything.

What I'm excited about
Picking up a new planner!
I loved the personalized look of my EC planner I have used this year, it is a bit too bulky for my taste :(
I think I am heading back to Target for one of these...
I had it last year and loved it!
#dontfollowthecrowd #lessonlearned

What I'm watching/reading
The Summer finale of Pretty Little Liars

What I'm listening to
Pink - Just like fire is big in our house these days!

And I am still loving all things 90's on 9!
Remember this one?

What I'm wearing
My favorite denim jacket is on repeat almost every day (see below).
Still rockin' flip flops and sandals to work while the temps are in the 80's, but I am so looking forward to wearing my TOMS booties (same style) again this year :)

What I'm doing this weekend
Possibly joining some friends for an end of summer hurrah at a local pool/water park and then cooking out :)
Perfect Labor Day weekend celebration to me!

What I'm looking forward to next month
I am once again hosting my...
There is still time to join the fun in you want in!
Comment below or shoot me an email by Monday, September 5th :)

What else is new
Nothing much :)

Bonus Question: What is your favorite summer to fall transitional piece in your closet?
My denim jacket that Sheaffer told me I had to have! ;)
I wear this jacket ALL.THE.TIME!
It goes with everything!
I would wear it year round if I could, but it is a bit too cold in the winter here in Ohio :/

Same brand/style


  1. Yay for football season, I know how much you love it. And I think I need to get that jacket too, even though I have 3 other jean jackets, I mean a girl can never have too many right? Someone else just mentioned that they really like their Target planner too. I'm loving my Franklin spiral bound planner, so easy and it's holding up the test of time with it being in my purse for the last 9 months!

  2. Im desperately wanting the leopard Toms wedges. Maybe this season!

  3. WAHOO football! Our family fantasy draft is this weekend and as the reigning champ I feel a lot of pressure this year ;) Baby X at the beach... OMG! So precious :)

  4. bahaha, I'm the same as you- did the Erin Condren thing but found something better for next year. Also am watching PLL.but I'm 1 season behind.