Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Show & Tell | Worst School Pics

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When I saw the prompt for today I was super excited to get this post ready.
Then life/work got in the way, and here I am last minute getting something together :(
While I don't have any of my class pictures stored on my computer, I do still have some funny photos to share with you :)

Let's just say my awkward stage started early.
In fact, some may say I am in still in that stage ;)

I had some crazy hair as a kid.
Maybe I should say odd haircuts!
But apparently mullets were cool back then since we both had one! lol!

Then there was the time I had a long mullet.
That's me in the middle, top row with the awesome purple and black sweater on.
And that spike hair with the long ponytail in the back was so hot!

I started growing out those lovely spikes, but couldn't give up that long back.
So the result was a really weird shag on top of my head.
I apparently loved rockin' a turtleneck under all my sweaters or sweatshirts ;)

If I wasn't awkward enough, middle school hit.

I finally started growing out my bangs completely in 8th grade.
So the only way to hold them back for a school dance was a GIANT bow on the top of my head! lol!
Big bows and big hair was really in I guess ;)
I'm the last one on the right in the top row.

And then came my freshman year.
Oh my!

 Oh wait, I did have a class photo stored on here after all. Oh joy!
There are so many things wrong it this photo!
Those eyebrows, that dark brown lipstick, those overalls, and it was pre-braces.
Freshman Year 1993-1994

 And those braces came and I stopped smiling, but at least my hair was looking normal!
 And me now.
Not gonna lie, I still struggle with confidence issues every day.
Maybe some day my hair, smile, etc. will all be in sync :)

And that is enough embarrassment for one day!
Hope I was able to provide a good laugh for you all today :)

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