Thursday, August 18, 2016

Vacation 2016 | Part 2

Back today with part 2 of our Florida vacation!
You can check out Part 1 here if you missed it :)

Another photo heavy post coming your way!

Monday morning we headed out for breakfast at The Donut Hole before hitting Big Kahuna's water park.
I loved the simple mug, but non-flavored coffee is rough!
Mic tried out two different donuts since that is their specialty.
Red velvet & Angel Cream (I believe)

The only picture I took the entire time we were at the water park was when we were leaving.
I had my phone locked up.
Unfortunately, it rained while we were there and we even saw a few bolts of lightning.
Meaning, the park shut down all rides and such for an hour before reopening :(
We didn't go on many slides, but X did take a nap during the rain delay and loved playing in the kid section.
On our way back we decided to swing into Fudpucker's for dinner.
We had heard the wait can be crazy, so we hit it up early.
Honestly, the food wasn't anything special but X loved getting to look at all the gators.

Why take a just one good picture when you can take silly ones too?

X was ecstatic that his pizza was served with a toy gator on it!

After dinner we headed back to Baytowne for more games.
Notice a theme yet?

After games we stopped in Moo La La for some dessert.
Key Lime pie for me!

On Tuesday the weatherman was calling for another day of rain:(
We hit up some of the outlet stores, and enjoyed some giant cookies while we walked :)

We then went further into Destin to check out Harbor Walk.
X loved this fake tree in front of Margaritaville and insisted on having his picture taken :)

We had dinner at Jackacuda's.
The sushi was pretty good, but the whole restaurant smelled like a porta-potty!
We ate very quickly and got back outside.

I think we need one of these trucks for festivals in Ohio!

And I am so bummed I didn't stop for a crepe at this truck, but I was too full from dinner.

We got back to Baytowne just before Kid's Night ended.
So we let X have some fun on the big blow up maze and slide before heading back to watch the Olympics :)

One sweaty, but happy guy :)

On Wednesday it rained.
And then rained some more :(
So we ventured out for an early lunch at Buffalo Jack's Legendary Wings.
This was my type of place!
TV's were everywhere!
Even at our table :)

Since the rain wasn't stopping, we headed to the Gulfarium.

We decided to skip dinner that night since we ate a big lunch, but did swing back through The Donut Hole for their homemade Key Lime pie :)

No dinner meant we could go straight to the arcade. Again.
Have any of you ever played Fruit Ninja?
X loved this game!
Heck, all three of us loved it!
We downloaded it our tablet for the ride back to Ohio it was so fun!

Thursday morning brought more rain, so we grabbed brunch at the Sunset Bay Cafe.

Since the rain stopped for a short time, we walked over to the park for X to burn off some energy.
But first we wanted to take a picture together.
His exact words were "Mommy, pretend like you are eating my head.".
And that is exactly what I did :)

Back to the arcade for what felt like the millionth time!
But when you see that face, you know it is worth it :)

We headed back to clean up before having our best dinner of the week at Fat Clemenza's.
Oh my goodness, the garlic knots were amazing!

Friday morning we awoke praying for no rain.
We wanted to get back to the beach one more time before leaving.
Unfortunately, that didn't happen :(
We settled with spending our day at the pool.
It actually worked out well since our room was super close.
We just headed back to our room if the rain started up again.

We tried to get a family picture since we hadn't taken one all week.
Honestly, you wouldn't really know I was there with X and Mic if I hadn't!
I took all the pictures during the week so I am not in many :(
Pouty pants and the lighting is all wrong.
This was the best we got.
Honestly, it is the perfect picture of us!
Exactly how we are :)

That night I talked Mic into a chain restaurant because I was dying for steak!
How are there only 4 steakhouses in Destin and 3 of them are chains?
While we waited for our table at Longhorn, X was super excited to watch a helicopter take off and land right next door.

Last night at Baytowne Wharf meant it was our final night of arcade games!
And X got to cash in his tickets for some junk great prizes ;)

Saturday morning we packed up the car and headed back to Ohio.
We drove the entire day.
14+ hours in the car!
While there were some moments that looked like this...
we had a some fun too :)

And the next morning X was happy to be back at home with Diamond :)

And that was our 2016 family vacation to Florida!
It is always great to get away and try to disconnect, but it is great to come home as well.
Now I am ready for Fall!
Bring on all things Football, Pumpkin spice everything, sweaters, boots, and more!

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Happy Thursday!


  1. Bummer on the rain! We felt the same about Fudpuckers for sure but Dillon was just about X's age when we went and he loved it. Glad you are home safe and had some fun memories! I seriously was cracking up that he wanted you to pretend to eat his head!! Hahahaha

  2. Boo that it rained, but at least you made the best of it and still got out to do things. I need some keylime pie, I haven't had one of those in forever! :) Great family vacation!