Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Goals

Happy 1st day of September!
Today I am talking about my goals for the month :)
And if you put it on the blog you have to do it right? lol!

Goal #1
And do yoga :)
I feel like a get a good workout from yoga, but it also calms me a bit.
Something I definitely need!

Goal #2
Besides yoga, I want to force myself to get outside more while the weather is still pretty nice.
Going for walks, playing baseball with X, etc.

Goal #3
I found this printable and think it is perfect for meal planning!
You can download it here :)
Now that school is back in session and things are slowly falling back into a routine,
I am looking forward to planning our meals again.

Goal #4
 Start Christmas shopping.
Pretty self explanatory :)
And I thought this was pretty interesting...

Goal #5
I tried to purge as much as I could from X's closet last year when we moved, but that kid is growing like a weed and it NEEDS to be done again!
Plus, we can then determine what he needs for the this winter :)

Goal #6
I am looking for something more.
I am not a big reader, but a good book might be just what I need.
Something that makes me feel good.
Any suggestions?

And last, but not least...
 I saw this and thought I truly need to do that more often.
We move so quickly through our days to just get them over with and get on to the next thing.
I am hoping that all those other goals for this month help me with this one :)

What are some of your goals for September?

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  1. Shopping for Christmas, meal planning and doing some purging are on my to do list this month also. Thanks for sharing! I love seeing other people's goals for the month.

  2. I love every single one of these!!!! And I need to incorporate all of them too.
    I just downloaded Sophie Hudson's book duo on Amazon. It's just a feel good book about some of her funny life stories throughout the years. Im in the middle of it and just love it!

  3. Yes to Christmas shopping. I tried to do some during the NSale but nothing was screaming at me to buy it for others. I did buy a couple of things for my sister and mom, but that's it...darn! But yes, need to start now so the pocket book doesn't suffer come December! Yay for meal planning, this week we totally fell off the wagon on meal planning and next week Mr. is gone, so I know that will be a bad week too...there's always the week after that right?