Friday, September 23, 2016

Better late than never post

Happy Friday!
I am currently finishing up week one of training our new employee.
I am exhausted!
And I am super late getting my Friday post published, but it is what it is :)

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My life these days is consumed by work and soccer!
Neither is terribly fun for me, but this goofball seems to be loving it!
This pic below is so typical of X.
He looks straight up crazy, while his teammate is probably thinking "this kid and his mom are crazy!". lol!
My favorite soccer star!
He is doing better and better each game.
He has scored a couple goals this week and is awesome at playing goalie!

Over the weekend I broke out the crock pot and make a new favorite dish!
I found this recipe on Pinterest and it was so good!
Mic even went back for seconds!!!

New day, more soccer.
X had team pictures on Monday night before the game.
These kiddos are my favorite little guys to watch :)

Tuesday night I made Dinner in a Pumpkin, and my favorite little helper scooped out all the pumpkin seeds for me.
My favorite Fall meal!

My mom brought X a dino egg back from vacation and he was super excited that it finally hatched!
Dinosaurs are still one of his favorite things!

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning was not my favorite!
My little guy woke up around 2am sick as could be :(
I took this pic of my phone when I thought we were finally going back to bed.
Unfortunately, X wasn't over the sickness.
We finally fell asleep around 6am.
30 minutes before my alarm went off for me to get ready for work :(
He woke up a few hours later and was perfectly fine.
Thankfully, he was back to normal quickly :)
But since we were home for the morning he gave Diamond some extra lovin' :)

And that has been my week.
I am hoping to take it easy this weekend and maybe catch up on some sleep.

Do you have any big plans for the weekend?


  1. Both these recipes sound yummy!! So glad X is back to normal...have a great weekend! Hope you get to rest and relax!!

  2. Watching the little ones play soccer was always my favorite even though the sport is not. Glad your boy is back to himself!! Hope you have a great weekend. Hoping your package is going into the mail shortly!! :)

  3. I need to try that crock pot recipe. I told Mr. I wanted to do a crockpot meal next Sunday. That meal in a pumpkin looks good, I just hate pumpkin, haha, slight problem. Glad your little guy was only sick for a short while :)