Thursday, September 29, 2016

Review | My Styled Fix

Hello there!
Today I am reviewing the items I picked out for my "fix" I styled myself.
I showed you all the pieces I had picked out a couple weeks ago, and finally had the chance to try them on this week.

First up is the Lush Karly Shift Dress in burnt henna with the TOMS wedge booties in olive.
I had high hopes for this dress, but unfortunately it was just so-so.
 It just felt way too big on me, so I am sending it back.
The booties (currently out of stock) were just as comfortable as the ones I already own, but once I tried pairing them up with other things in my closet they just didn't seem to be worth it :(
So, they are going back as well.

I didn't mind the length of the top, but the sides came up a bit too high on me.
Strange really.
I tried it on with some other leggings and it just showed a bit too much for me in the saddle bag area. lol!
In the end, it is going back.

Those jeggings though?
Love them!
They fit perfectly! And the color is amazing for Fall!
Now I just need to find the right top to go with them!

It was buttery soft and fit true to size, but I decided to send it back as well.
Unfortunately, I am cheap!
I want something that is good quality, but I have to be able to get my money out of it so to speak.
Ohio gets too cold to be able to wear this enough for the price tag.
So I am still on the hunt for a cognac jacket - just at a cheaper price :)
Any suggestions?

So at the end of the day I guess I didn't do too well styling myself.
Looks like I need to place a Stitch Fix order soon! lol!

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  1. What a bummer about that dress, I'v seen so many with it and I was thinking of trying it out but I think I'll take your word on it :) I'm also on the hunt for a budget friendly cognac jacket :)

  2. Man that dress looks great from the side view, but when you turned to the front, yep I can see the too big, darn! I've tried that lush brand so many times, thinking it would be different this time, but nope, it never is.

  3. I've had the same luck with the lush tunic. I've even ordered more than once thinking surely I was missing something since everyone else loved it!!